CPP Testimonials

Here’s what people are saying:

"Most Youth ministries today understand the importance of child protection and prevention and most believe they have an adequate plan. However once you have attended a Child Protection Plan seminar with Rick and his team from Kanakuk Kamps you realize quickly how many holes your plan has and that serious attention is needed immediately! What I love about the seminar is you don't just get a bunch of facts and theories but you walk out with a fully functional, solidly researched, ministry tested and implemented plan. If you are in youth ministry I highly recommend you attend a CPP seminar ASAP!"

Roger Peace, Vice President of Camps and Operations, Word of Life, Schroon Lake, NY

“Let me say first, your CPP is clearly the best and most comprehensive treatment of the subject that I have come across in over 30 years of work in Christian Education. Furthermore, I think the issue is so under-treated that I would like to help get the word of your plan out to churches and schools.” 

Dennis Queen, Superintendent (Retired), Mingo Valley Christian School, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“The Child Protection Plan has greatly impacted the ministry of Forest Home. It has encouraged us to be vigilant to not only protect kids, but to make this an unsafe camp for predators. We were challenged to evaluate everything from insurance coverage and facility design to training and abuse response. We are so thankful for the team at Kanakuk who have led the charge! 

Liz Stevenson, HR Manager Forest Home Youth Camp, Forest Falls, CA

“Thanks for your time and all the very credible personal examples and practical and user friendly materials. This is one of the best trainings I have ever attended. Some of the feedback I received from staff is ‘it would almost be inappropriate if an organization did not have this training’.” 

John Primrose, Director of HR & Ministry Services, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas, TX

“We have had nothing but good comments about the seminar. I presented the seminar and what we covered to our board last night. They were amazed at the amount of information that was given. We also talked about doing it again next year. They were all for it, and were happy to think that we could be a part of this training.”

Ken Hamilton, Director of Programming Camp Idrahaje, Bailey, Colorado

“The steps of child abuse prevention your program offers sets the bar for this Industry. No operation in the camping universe will ever be risk free but I sure like the odds of the camp/conference center operation that goes through your program and implements your practices.”

Ron Norton CIC/AAI | Sr. Vice President K&K Insurance Group, Inc. – Leisure Unit, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"After our staff training talk in May on child protection, ethics and consequences, we had a staff person opt-out of working with kids this summer due to a related issue, and ask for the toll free number to call and seek counseling. We are excited that this staff person will get help for their issue, and that kids will be safe from abuse in camp. This is true prevention!!"

Seminar Attendee 2013

“Our board and staff have embraced the new system we have developed from your material. In fact after teaching two sessions, some of the participants identified two potential abusers which prevented them from coming to our camp and even removing them from working in a church setting with children.”

Seminar Attendee 2012