Dedicated To Helping Others

Kanakuk Kamps is dedicated to partnering with youth serving organizations across the country to empower and equip their efforts to prevent child sexual abuse. To date, over 700 youth leaders nationwide have been trained on the strategies contained within the CPP.

I. Abuse Perspectives & Problems

  • Victim, molester & Bystander Statistical Analysis
  • Molester Identification and Types: Opportunists vs. Groomers
  • Shocking discovery: “How to molest a child – 170 page manual”
  • Poor conviction rate for child molesters: 3%-5%
  • Unreliable criminal databases: National problem

II. The Kanakuk Child Safety System

  • Four Protection Zones
  • Four Abuser Remedies
  • Three Prevention Stages
  • Six Abuse Management Fields
  • Over 323 Abuse Protection Elements
  • The Kanakuk True Prevention Corridor
  • The Kanakuk Prevention Threshold

III. Child Protection Plan Protection Elements

  1. Operational Support - Insurance Analysis, Abuse Hotline Protocol, Statutory Abuse Laws, Archiving ProtocolOperational Support
  2. Grounds & Facilities - CleanSweep Inspection Protocol, EyeShot Theory Protocols, Regulated Access Protocols
  3. Staffing - Application Protocols, Advanced Screening Protocols
  4. Training/Orientation - Direct/Indirect Access Staff/Volunteer Training, Parent
  5. Orientation, Child Orientation - Monitor/Report
  6. 360 Degree Supervision Theory, Random Protector Protocols - Internal/External Reporting Protocol, Abuse Response Protocol
  7. Crisis Response - Organization Related Protocol, Non-Organization Related Protocol

IV. Self-Assessment Protocol & Resources