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Deerbusters Deer Fence

Located in Waynesboro, PA, DeerBusters has been leading the fencing industry for over 30 years with reliable DIY garden fence in plastic and metal fence materials for homes, farms (traditional including hemp and cannabis), forests, colleges, orchards, vineyards, and gardens. We are proud to work with wildlife conservation agencies and landscape architects as well as deer farmers who are looking to keep in deer and elk herds with our fencing. In addition to garden fence supplies, we also carry humane fence for dogs and cats.

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Anuvia Plant Nutrients

Looking for lush, green grass and turf that not only looks and plays great, but is also good for the environment? GreenTRX™ is a high-efficiency, multi-nutrient, slow-release fertilizer unlike any other. Its homogeneous granules sustainably deliver the nutrients your turf needs while enriching the soil. It all adds up to healthy turf that’s greener, faster, longer.

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