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Life Fitness


At Life Fitness, product development and innovation are done with the exerciser and commercial fitness facility in mind. Our mission is to provide solutions that get the world moving and help people lead active and healthy lives.

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Pick-A-Paddle, Inc.

Pick-A-Paddle, Inc. 33rd year providing quality, one-piece, break-resistant game paddles made in the USA. Adult, Junior and Table Tennis models in Pick-A-Color six packs. A playable, break-resistant, badminton racquet by Pick-A-Paddle, sold in six packs. Our products meet CPSC regulations and are guaranteed for one year!

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MSE Audio

MSE Audio, parent company of Rockustics, SolidDrive, Soundsphere, and SoundTube, is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. With multiple design and manufacturing centers across commercial markets, MSE Audio’s synergistic, cross platform design and engineering ensures exceptional durability, superior sonic performance and refined aesthetics.

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Ephesus Lighting

Eaton’s Ephesus All Field Series, available in 750 and 550 watt models, provides high schools, colleges and municipalities with a high-quality, cost-effective, versatile and controllable outdoor LED sports lighting solution. Engineered to satisfy their specific needs, its low weight and low Effective Projected Area (EPA) make it the first LED fixture designed to easily retrofit into existing sports lighting infrastructure. Additionally, the self-contained electrical junction box and easily deployed lighting control system dramatically reduce installation costs. The enhanced engineered optics efficiently deliver uniform light on the field to significantly reduce unwanted light spill and sky glow. For more information, visit

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Gopher is a leading supplier of sport, fitness, recreation, and physical education equipment since 1947. We are proud to offer over 7,000 products in 75 product categories, from training aids to competition game balls, goals, scoreboards, storage solutions, fitness equipment, and more!

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Grid Concepts

Easy, changeable front-loading motivational record board. Standard and custom designed for indoors and outdoors featuring logos, team colors or mascots. Recognizes the athlete in swimming, track and field, weightlifting, etc. Simple changeable frame systems for menus, employee of the month or any type of changeable advertising.

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