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Allen Ventures Inc.

Allen Ventures Inc.

ADDRESS: 517 State Farm Road, Deerfield, WI 53531
PHONE: (608) 423-9800


Your Go-To Source for Outdoor Furnishings Since 1988

Allen Ventures has been offering products for your Park, School, Church, Business, Campground, and hundreds of other places since 1988. When quality, durability, and economy are your priority, we have the solution.

Most things wear out.. Most things need repair.. Most things require maintenance.. But, most things aren't Recycled Plastic Products!

From Plastic Landfill Waste To Outdoor Furnishings

What better business can you think of than one that takes plastic waste and turns it into beautiful, modern, commercial grade outdoor furnishings? From picnic tables and park benches to car stops and recycled plastic trash receptacles, Allen Ventures has new solutions for old problems.

Durable Material

Recycled plastic is among the most durable materials known to man. We use this material in demanding applications like commercial picnic tables and park benches, parking lot blocks and mail posts, timber, landscaping chips, pallets, retaining walls and decking.

No Maintenance

Recycled plastic virtually eliminates Maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

50 Year Warranty

We include a 50 year warranty on most recycled plastic products! If we can stand behind our products for 50 years, you can certainly enjoy our products at least that long!

100+ Years of Servce

The life expectancy of many of these products is well over 100 years. They will most likely outlive their purchaser!

Call Us for your Outdoor Furnishing Needs

If you don't see what you're looking for here, please call. We carry many different products and strive to bring you even more. We can often accommodate your needs. Don't hesitate to call us to find out what's available.

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