The Camp Doctor, Inc.

ADDRESS: 8906 Brucewood Drive, Chesterfield, VA  23235
PHONE: 800-806-2267

Prescriptions for successful camp and conference center operations

We’ve been helping to ensure successful camp operations since 1993. Our team of consultants works with your team of leaders. Our expertise strengthens your:

-- Business model/plan
-- Fund raising programs
-- Marketing
-- Facility maintenance
-- Conceptual design
-- Staff
-- Program
-- Board of Directors
-- Key Stakeholders

No matter what the assignment, we collaborate with total commitment, competence and the highest of ethical standards. We are a trusted resource to help with any of the following:

-- becoming more than an average camp
-- offering challenging programs resulting in greater camper enrollment
-- market the value of your camping experience through a supporting Alumni Association
-- designing new facility concepts
-- having campers appetites satisfied through a quality food service operation
-- being better prepared with facility and program standards that meet today's industry
-- enhancing your board development
-- improving your health care services to campers
-- analyzing your risk management exposures and safety issues
-- dealing with special needs campers
-- enhancing your bottom line
-- generating better staff through commitment and retention
-- facilitate buying or selling or planning succession of camp property

With map and compass in hand, we are ready to make sure you stay on the path until we reach your destination.