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Southern Athletic Fields

ADDRESS: 1309 Mainsail Drive, Columbia, TN 38401

PHONE: (800) 837-8062

Southern Athletic Fields, Inc., located in Columbia, TN, originated in 1996 when Bill Marbet formed a company with the intent of specializing in baseball and softball field materials. SAF has grown over the years and now has sales representatives to cover over 12 states.

Included in SAF’s sales department are two former major league groundskeepers, one former Division I athlete, one award winning parks and recreation department head, and one former Division I groundkeeper. SAF has utilized the experience of employees along with the wide range of support staff in professional organizations, parks and recreation departments and high school and college institutions.In an effort to continuously provide our customers with the services needed, SAF believes in the hands on approach when it comes to your athletic field needs. SAF feels that the best way to answer the questions of customers is to meet with them, listen to their problems and then give our recommendations to address the problems at hand. SAF is aware that no two problems are alike and takes great pride in working with our customers to achieve the best athletic field possible.

SAF would like to thank you for your business in the past and we hope to continue to serve you, our customers, in a very positive manner. Thank you again and Good Luck in your endeavors, both on and off the field.

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