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Pine Hall Brick Permeable Clay Pavers

ADDRESS: 2701 Shorefair Drive, Wintson-Salem, NC 27105

PHONE: (800) 334-8689

A century of brick inovations

Pine Hall Brick Company is a 90-year-old family-owned business that manufactures face brick, pavers and special-shape brick. Founded in 1922 by Flake Steele, Sr., Pine Hall Brick enjoys a rich heritage of quality manufactured products and satisfied customers. 

While the company has always been headquartered in Winston-Salem, the manufacturing facilities were originally located in Pine Hall, NC. Pine Hall was the home of the dormant Consolidated Brick Company that Flake Steele bought to form the nucleus of the company. 

With the help of J. C. Steele & Sons, maker of automated brick making equipment since 1889 (and yes his father's company), Flake formed a new brick company determined to be one of the top quality producers in the State of North Carolina. 

In the beginning there were seven round "beehive" kilns at Pine Hall, NC. Several years later in 1936, the company purchased the Madison Brick Company and eventually consolidated all their operations to Madison, NC.  During those early years, the company maintained fifty company-owned houses and two grocery stores for its employees. The original headquarters in Salem (of Winston-Salem) was just two doors from the Firehouse and the Old Salem Cafe. 

"In those days, each man was responsible for producing 1,000 bricks per day and most of the product was sent to Winston," said Flake Steele, Jr., son of the founder. 

The brick were sent by rail car to the public dock and unloaded by hand via conveyers. Then, brick would be hand loaded onto a truck, between layers of straw to prevent chippage, and shipped to the job site. Many of these brick went to build new houses located on Lover's Lane, now Stratford Road in Winston-Salem.

In addition to making face brick, Pine Hall specializes in making paver brick. In 1996, the company constructed a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant exclusively to produce the highest quality pavers in the industry.  Due to overwhelming demand, the plant was doubled in size in 1999. Pine Hall Brick is currently the largest supplier of clay pavers in the United States.

In 2004, Pine Hall Brick expanded outside the state of North Carolina by opening a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in the northwest region of Georgia near the town of Fairmount.  Due to strong demand, the plant was expanded in 2005.  In 2008, Pine Hall Brick opened another plant just down the road in Fairmount.  This facility features the most sophisticated clay mixing system in the United States along with a specially designed low-set kiln that allows the company to manufacture our through-the-body architectural and paving brick with superior size and color control.

Through such constant improvements and modernization, Pine Hall Brick remains one of the leaders in the field of brick making. "Not many companies can say that virtually all of the products sold over our entire company history are still in service today," said Fletcher Steele, President. "We’re very proud of our long-term history of providing high quality products and our recent history of new product growth that was fueled by innovation and investment." 


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