PermaGreen Supreme, Inc.

ADDRESS: 5609 Murvihill Rd., Valparaiso, IN 46383
PHONE: (800) 346-2001

PermaGreens come closest to the money-making goal of one machine, all properties, every day. Bigger Sprayer spreaders on the market tend to be too large and cumbersome for the majority of accounts, which means your hard-earned dollars would be wasted sitting on the truck  half the week.  PermaGreens work perfectly on both small residential lawns and sprawling multi-acre complexes, ensuring you receive a fast return on your investment.

We Don't Just Sell a Machine...We Sell a PermaGreen

Based on over 100 years of combined, on-the-job turf care experience, the PermaGreen was the first and remains the premier way to apply turf products in today's market. It takes the guesswork out of the job by employing fixed speeds and spread and spray patterns, resulting in more-accurate applications and fewer service calls.

PermaGreens Feature:

·         5.5 HP Honda Engine with Wet Clutch

·         150 Pound Hopper

·         12-Gallon (1-Acre) Spray Tank

·         Exclusive Patented Features:

o   SmartSteer Power Steering

o   Low-Volume Spraying

o   Drop-down Handlebars

o   Articulated Frame

PermaGreens are backed by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee and a 15-month warranty, plus 24 months on the fram against corrosion.

Enter the 2017 PermaGreen Complete Giveaway, including a 2017 Triumph, the new PermaGreen Rechargeable Spray Kit with LESCO push spreader, a BB Transport Rack and much more, valued at over $15,000 (  One Machine. All Properties. Every Day.