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Gyms for Dogs

ADDRESS: 3815 River Crossing Pkwy., Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46240

PHONE: (800) 931-1562


We believe in a healthy active lifestyle for both dogs and dog owners. We are committed to delivering high quality dog park products, designed and manufactured in the USA.

As a Health and Wellness company we promote and believe in the benefits of vigorous outdoor play, exercise, physical and mental stimulation while interacting as a dog and dog owner do when being together outside in natural the elements.

The average dog is a better athlete than the most athletic humans on the planet. A dog's ability to use oxygen is more efficient than that of many of the fastest animals in the animal kingdom. This is why it is important that they are provided with off-leash vigorous and strenuous exercise. Their athletic ability and efficient use of oxygen make them an excellent personal exercise partner.


Spending time outdoors is a healthy experience and is fun when you watch how excited your dog can be in expending the youthful energy that these beautiful animals offer.

Instead of going to the gym after work, take your dog to the dog park and enjoy being outdoors as you both will benefit from the many health benefits of playing together. We promise to deliver only Quality products approved by our team.


We work with the most reputable delivery and installation services in order to ensure the best quality for our customers. We also work with a nationwide network of local installation service professionals.


We believe in the following Health & Wellness elements for a good dog park that will help develop a healthy dog and healthy dog owner:

Agility Training
Vigorous Exercise
Cognitive Learning
Social Play
Bonding and Disciplined Fun
Cooling, Cleaning & Refreshment


We are constantly researching and sourcing new products and equipment that will improve every dog’s quality of life as well as enhance the bond with their owner. Our goal is to provide our customers and their dogs with the highest quality products in order to promote healthy lifestyles and vigorous exercise play.

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