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CXT Concrete Buildings

CXT Concrete Buildings

ADDRESS: 3808 N. Sullivan, Bldg. # 7, Spokane, WA  99216
PHONE: 800-696-5766


Today's infrastructure is built on L.B. Foster's legacy. For more than a century, our company has provided the materials necessary to construct and maintain major transportation, construction, utility, recreation and agriculture projects. L.B. Foster products have recently contributed to the improvement of many landmark structures including the Panama Canal, Brooklyn Bridge and New Orleans flood walls.

L.B. Foster operates individual business units that specialize in rail, construction and tubular products. These groups manage manufacturing, distribution and sales facilities nationwide. We also function as a distributor and service provider in strategic alliances with industry leading manufacturing and engineering firms.

Our company maintains ongoing programs that enhance product quality, improve operational processes and assure employee safety. L.B. Foster is committed to providing superior products for our customers, an entrepreneurial climate for our employees and exceptional value for our stakeholders.

L.B. Foster has been traded publicly since 1981 on the NASDAQ with the ticker symbol FSTR.

Great Customers. Quality Products. Dedicated Employees

Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is the foremost concern at L.B. Foster. The company works to continually improve the processes and products required to create and maintain successful customer relationships. Customers rank overall satisfaction with L.B. Foster's service and products as very high. The company is committed to maintaining this level of satisfaction and increasing the value provided to customers. L.B. Foster's service will shine at the beginning, middle and end of every customer purchase.


Operational Excellence

Ten L.B. Foster facilities are certified and operating within ISO 9001:2000 standards. Each plant is also working to obtain the new ISO 9000:2008 certification. Company facilities incorporate Lean methods and Continuous Improvement tools in their processes to create increased efficiency, reduced variation and improved product quality. L.B. Foster's commitment to quality management includes employee participation in Six Sigma strategies throughout the company.


Employee Safety

L.B. Foster employs a comprehensive safety and well-being program that has led to higher production capacity and increased employee satisfaction. These safety initiatives have produced a shared concern for the health of all team members and a dramatic reduction in workplace injuries.


The L.B. Foster Company Mission Statement

L.B. Foster Company is committed to provide superior products and services to our customers, an entrepreneurial climate to our employees, and exceptional value to our stakeholders through progressive management and meaningful change.

Our Vision is to deliver to our customers quality, timely solutions and be responsive to our changing markets. We will accomplish this by Fostering Excellence in our employees - by providing tools, training and innovation to ensure the L.B. Foster Company will prosper as an industry leader now and in the future. 



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