BIC Sports

ADDRESS: 2380 Cranberry Highway, West Wareham, MA  02576
PHONE: 508-291-2770

World of Watersports--stand-up paddleboards (SUP), surfboards, windsurfing, kayaks, boats.  ultra-durable, user-friendly watersports gear, ideal for camps and resorts. Sustainably manufactured since 1979.

BIC Sport is the proud owner of an industrial tool that is unique in the world, capable of three different manufacturing techniques : thermoforming, thermoforming around a polystyrene core, and blow moulding/blown extrusion. BIC Sport is the only manufacturer in the world to have these three manufacturing techniques available on one production site. 
This enables us to produce six different product types.

"BIC Sport has been manufacturing watersport products for over 30 years. Long before ‘eco-friendly’ was a buzzword we began developing “clean” manufacturing processes by recycling wherever possible, eliminating gas emissions and conserving energy and water. From start to end of life-cycle, BIC Sport products are thoughtfully produced with preserving the environment we all share in mind. And perhaps least recognized but most important, BIC Sport products are BUILT TO LAST - meaning fewer boards and boats taking up residence in your local landfill."