Daisy Dash--A game to get you moving

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Superior Recreational Products has been hard at work to bring you the latest and most innovative playground equipment in the industry. Here’s an exclusive look into one of their newest products that will take your playground to the next level.


The Daisy Dash is a game designed to get you moving! It’s a patent-pending electronic reactions game with an integrated shade. Play against the clock in this head-spinning game. Touch each daisy-shaped sensor as it lights up to see how many lights you can touch before the 20-second clock runs out. Simply turn the rotator on the leaf panel to begin.

Features And Benefits
Integrated shade. It’s no secret playground shade is important, which is why the Daisy Dash includes an integrated shade. It keeps children protected from harmful UV rays, allows them to play longer without overheating, and increases the life of the equipment.

An individual or group game. While one player goes at a time, the Daisy Dash can be played individually or in a group. One can try to beat their own goal or play against others to see who can touch the most daisy sensors.

Inclusive design. One of the coolest things about the Daisy Dash is that children of all abilities can play together. It’s easily accessible for children with or without mobility devices.

Internal battery cell. Although the Daisy Dash is electronic, you don’t need to plug it into a power source. It’s designed with an internal battery cell that is charged from rotating the control panel.

Improves physical and mental development. The Daisy Dash provides opportunities for children to reach important developmental milestones including coordination, balance, hand-eye coordination, muscle development, and gross motor skills.

At $7,999, the Daisy Dash is an affordable play product that will be a staple at your park! See it in person at this year’s NRPA in Baltimore, Md. September 24-25. Stop by Superior Recreational Products’ booth 4804 to give it a try.