CampCalNow Rolls Out Discount Programs

AUBURN, California— CampCalNow RV Park and Campground Alliance is now offering discount programs for music licensing, movie licensing, propane and building supplies.

“Effective immediately, CampCalNow RV Park and Campground Alliance is a one-stop shop for campgrounds, RV parks and resorts because we offer significant discounts on virtually every major product or service park operators need to run their businesses successfully,” said Dyana Kelley, incoming CampCalNOW president.

Kelley added that CampCalNow is marketing alliance memberships to park operators in Oregon, Washington and Nevada so that they can take advantage of the discount programs enjoyed by park operators in California.

“Campgrounds now have choices, and CampCalNow RV Park and Campground Alliance is determined to do everything in our power to strengthen the campground industry. Our new mission is all about elevating and not dividing the industry,” Kelley said. “We want to connect those parks without representation to our members so they can gain the benefit of networking and access our programs because this strengthens the campground and RV park industry overall.”

CampCalNow offers music licensing discounts through ASCAP and BMI, which are roughly 20 percent lower than established rates. Kelley noted that the discounts are governed by federal law.

CampCalNow also offers movie licensing discounts through MPLC and SWANK, the latter of which licenses Disney films. Alliance members receive $100 off movie licensing fees for both organizations, which amounts to about a 25 percent discount.

CampCalNow has also negotiated wholesale propane discount programs with Ferrell Gas, Global Gas and Suburban Propane. “The prices for propane vary weekly, but we offer the best discounts available from the top propane providers,” Kelley said.

CampCalNow has also secured Home Depot “Key Tags” for wholesale pricing, which alliance members can use to obtain substantial discounts on everything from paint to building supplies. “The amount of the discount varies depending on what you buy,” Kelley said, “but we’ve obtained non-profit association pricing.”

Kelley added that the savings that result from these new discount programs easily offset the cost of CampCalNow membership.

“Simply stated, campgrounds, RV park operators and resorts that are not CampCalNow members are losing money because they are not able to take advantage of the discounts on essential products and services that we provide,” Kelley said.

“Plus, we provide campground marketing, government affairs, continuing education and networking opportunities that benefit our members and the industry at large.”

CampCalNOW began its journey in 1974 as the California Travel Parks Association. Much has changed since then, including the association’s name. But its mission to support, serve, and protect its members as they provide a positive RV and camping experience to the camping consumer has remained constant. CampCalNOW plans to roll out a brand new website in the coming weeks that will allow park operators easier access to the information they need as well as the ability to log in and update their park’s information in real time.