National Fitness Campaign Offering Fitness Court Funding

The National Fitness Campaign is bringing free outdoor fitness to 300 cities by 2019 through the construction of Fitness Courts that provide a total body workout in public spaces.


The business model for the NFC is to partner with cities and help them build funding and secure sponsorships to establish a healthy infrastructure and lifestyle in their communities. As part of their 2018 campaign, the National Fitness Campaign helped build funding for Fitness Courts in 100 cities. Now, NFC is partnering with 200 additional cities in 2019.

$30,000 grants are available for Fitness Courts in parks nationwide in 2019. The campaign includes the innovative Digital Outdoor Fitness Court, a mobile app which delivers free training and challenges to support people of all ages and fitness levels. Eligible cities who see fitness as a priority can apply for the grants, which represent 25 percent of the funding required to join the campaign.

The best way for parks and recreation directors to get involved is to contact the National Fitness Campaign and express their interest in becoming a partner and qualifying for funding. More details on how that process works can be found here:

To learn more, visit