WHY duraSAFE Rubber Playground Tiles?

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LIFETIME WARRANTY — sofSURFACES carries the strongest playground surfacing warranty in the industry. Not only does our warranty cover durability and installation, but it also covers meeting fall protection standards – for life. 


SAFETY STANDARDS — duraSAFE has been engineered to comply with the safety ratings mandated for vehicle impact safety by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – performance that exceeds current required ASTM standards by nearly 50%! This allows room for the surface to harden over time without exceeding the required standard for the life of your surface (15-25 years).

EXTREME DURABILITY — duraSAFE is by far the most durable unitary playground surface on the market. We’re so confident in this that we have also included the durability of our tiles in our best-in-industry Limited Lifetime Warranty.


CERTIFIED & PROPRIETARY METHOD OF INSTALLATION — sofSURFACES does not permit our tiles to be installed by unqualified crews. It is very important to us that all installations are completed to our standards. This policy is strongly enforced which allows us to carry the strongest warranty in the industry. We are invested in your surface!

All rubber surfaces will shrink and expand with seasonal temperature extremes and age. Our tiles are manufactured larger than the installed dimension account for this shrinkage and expansion. duraSAFE must be installed carefully while following the required proprietary methods in order to achieve the required amount of compression. In addition, we are also the only company to glue each tile seam together after the installation is complete. This not only holds the tiles together but also repels dirt and debris from settling within the seams. This settling of debris beneath the surface can lead to significant problems in the future.


CLIMATE RESILIENT — Our tiles have been installed and perform very well in every climate – from the scorching deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, to as far north as Northern Ontario and even Alaska!

ENDLESS COLOR POSSIBILITIES — Tie in the colors of your natural surroundings or the colors of your playground equipment using our custom online color renderer.


CLICK HERE TO TRY! http://www.sofsurfaces.com/design-center

EASY TO REPAIR — sofSURFACES has engineered our tile system to be easily repaired should the need arise. Click the link below for a video demonstrating how easy it is to replace a duraSAFE Rubber Playground Tile. http://www.sofsurfaces.com/blog/how-to-replace-a-durasafe-rubber-playground-tile