A Legacy Without A Footprint

A resort in Oregon offers horse-drawn sleigh rides to a yurt where waiters donning tuxedoes pair the finest wines with prime rib, salmon, and other delicacies. 

Meanwhile, world-class skiers take advantage of a yurt that serves as a base camp and warming hut while heli-skiing in North Face, Alaska.


In Chile, fly fishermen stop at yurt camps while making their way down river, enjoying their favorite sport as well as the scenery.

A traveling performance act known for juggling chainsaws uses a yurt to find the comforts of home while making their way cross-country to entertain the masses.

The places people have opted to use Pacific Yurts are as varied as the applications.

Now celebrating 40 years in business, Alan Bair, president of Pacific Yurts, says his favorite projects are those that helped to start a small business. After all, Bair started his own company with just two other employees.

“There were no modern yurt companies before us, so we sort of invented everything along the way,” he notes. “But it does go by fast; kind of like watching your kids grow up.”

Bair, who was inspired by an article in National Geographic about circular shelters that had been used by nomadic herdsmen for thousands of years, says the yurt has come a long way since he founded the company in a dairy barn in 1978 in Oregon.


He says he has enjoyed the “creative process” over the years, taking his customers’ suggestions and implementing them to improve on the original structure.

“I had a woman who said she just loved yurts and wanted to get one and she wanted a French door,” he explains. “So that’s how the French doors came to be. It seems to have gone that way over the years.”

He adds that the beauty of the yurt is that it can adapt to many uses for outdoors and recreation, providing a “unique experience in a natural environment without damaging the environment.”

“Because we do need to preserve those areas and a yurt fits right in with that,” he notes.

He adds that the team of 30 or so employees he has assembled over the years makes it a joy to continue to put out a product he believes in as much as his customers.

“I love hearing about customers’ adventures,” he adds. “Each customer becomes part of the legacy. Because each one benefits from the product in unique and interesting ways.”

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