Taking Thrill To New Heights

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Extreme Generation is a towering adventure playground with challenging physical events for children seeking the ultimate extreme play experience. Its design takes play to new heights, with innovative, fully-enclosed skyways that provide elaborate rope-course-inspired activities high above the ground — safely adding an element of perceived risk to any play space.

Extreme Generation can be configured in endless combinations designed to make your play space stand out. Choose from a variety of standard play structures or get inspired to create an extreme play destination all your own.

Extreme Generation Towers
With skyscraping pinnacles that reach nearly 30 feet into the sky, the new Extreme Generation towers provide children looking to climb to new heights with a variety of exciting climbing paths designed to challenge their sense of adventure.

Push the limits of play high into the sky for an unforgettable aerial adventure. With activities inspired by rope courses, Extreme Generation’s cutting-edge, enclosed skyways provide a breathtaking experience for children while still keeping them safe.

The excitement doesn’t end once you’ve reached the top of an Extreme Generation system. With some of the tallest and longest enclosed slides in the industry, you can also amp up the thrill by adding one to any of our Extreme Generation towers.

Tuff-Net Panels
Unique to the outdoor play industry, Tuff-Net panels are used throughout Extreme Generation systems to provide visibility and the feeling of openness while keeping users completely enclosed and safe from falling as they explore extreme heights.

Roof Designs
Extreme Generation roofs perform double duty— providing shade over the Extreme Generation towers while also adding a strikingly modern aesthetic appeal. Towering high above the playground, these distinctive roofs are sure to make a statement guests can’t ignore.

Experience the thrill.

At the end of the day, all kids are looking for a destination where they can be themselves — somewhere they can play harder, climb higher, and test the limits of their mind and their body. Take them to new heights with the extreme play experience today’s kids want — with Extreme Generation from Miracle Recreation.

Learn how to make your play space an extreme destination at Miracle-Recreation.com/XGen