Product Review

S.R.Smith Stainless Steel Commercial Anchors               

This new series of commercial Marine-grade, 316 stainless-steel pool deck equipment anchors provides high corrosion resistance from harsh weather and pool environments. In addition, stainless-steel rail goods will benefit from affixing to stainless steel anchors as similar metals are more compatible with each other. Dissimilar metals tend to experience galvanic corrosion which can cause discoloration.  

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RenoSys RecDeck PVC Flooring          

Constructed of reinforced PVC membrane, RecDeck can be used in any recreation area where slip-resistance, watertight integrity and long-term ease of maintenance are required. It is ideal for common deck problems including cracking, flaking, de-lamination, spalling and peeling. It can be installed over foam for added comfort in hydrotherapy, active-aging applications or wherever extra fall protection is required. Available in light gray, dark gray and sand.

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Underhill Mirage QCV                           

This quick coupler kit is designed to provide easy access to water in order to cool and clean synthetic-turf fields and to hose down surrounding areas, such as perimeters and bleachers. It includes a sprinkler box in a choice of stainless steel or 100-percent recycled HDPE material; 1-inch quick coupler; and 1-inch schedule 40 PVC swing joint.

Swim Lessons University                    

This comprehensive learn-to-swim curriculum with video-based training is a child-centered progressive swim system designed to make children safer when in and around the water. Includes supporting tools such as lesson plans and a water safety focused award system to make your learn-to-swim program a success.

Coxreels 1125 Series Motor-Driven Gear Drive

The design features a one-piece, all-welded “A” frame base as well as a low-profile outlet riser and an open drum slot design providing for a non-crimping, smooth hose wrap. The motor-driven hose reel is operated by a direct gear drive providing for a quiet and smooth retraction. The gear drive requires no maintenance, lubrication, or chain adjustment.

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LaMotte One Dip Insta-TEST Biguanide Test Strip

The new formula is designed to stabilize color reactions and prevent cross-contamination between pads. The test strip measures Biguanide (0 - 80 ppm), Alkalinity (0 - 240 ppm), pH (6.2 - 9.0) and Hardness (0 - 800 ppm). 

The strip offers results in just 10 seconds. There are 25 test strips packaged in a hinged, waterproof PopTop bottle with desiccant liner that protects the strips from moisture intrusion.

Aqua Creek Spa Lift Ultra And Spa Lift Elite

These new lifts feature added clearance capabilities, making them ideal for taller swim and exercise spas—a growing trend in the industry. They not only meet ADA compliancy requirements, but offer an optional solar charging system. With a push-button operation, these lifts give anyone the ability to improve their individual health and performance.

(888) 687-3552

Turface Athletics TrackPro Warning Track Aggregates

Available in three color choices along with various particle sizes to meet a wide range of management preferences and budgets, the specially blended aggregates are designed to enhance safety and performance, provide superior drainage and a firm surface, and minimize the risk of compaction.

Nasco Physical Education & Team Sports Catalog

Nasco has added over 230 new products, including team sports, physical education, and health education products to fit all your athletic needs. You’ll find sections in this catalog for movement and balance, rhythm and dance, indoor and outdoor fun, coaching equipment, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball, football, track and field, golf, floor hockey, racquet sports, bowling, playground equipment, fitness, storage, health and nutrition, and much more.          

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Crysteel Manufacturing E-Tipper Series

Ideal for a wide variety of light-duty applications, E-Tipper bodies are available in carbon steel, aluminum and stainless-steel construction. It features sculpted front and rear pillars, as well as one-piece seamless sides. Many body options and accessories are available to customize for specific needs and styles.

Waterplay Critters

A new nature-inspired character in the Grasslands product line, these friendly mud worms are digging up big fun.

Built with a water cannon design, these ground-dwelling creatures invite water players to join in a hands-on water adventure: grab ahold of their vibrant antennae and move the smooth rotatable head up, down, and side to side to unleash a surprising spurt of water. Available in two sizes—23 inches or 37 inches tall.

Worksaver 3-Point Hitch To Skid Steer Adapter

This adapter fits category I or II hitches and is quick hitch compatible. It is all steel construction with plated handles, pins and springs and is shipped with Cat. I pull pins (7/8-inch).  This unit, when paired with Worksaver’s Category I hydraulic top link cylinder, helps the operator find the ideal working angle when using skid steer type attachments.