Product Review

Plastic Benches On The Waterfront

A bench of 100-percent recycled plastic makes a perfect site enhancement for any waterfront location—lake, pond, indoor or outdoor pool. The recycled plastic is impervious to the water, humidity, and chemicals. Pilot Rock RB Series recycled plastic benches can be 4 feet or 6 feet long, and come in 10 colors to fit your landscape theme.  Optional custom engraving or plaques can provide identity, recognize contributors or memorialize special people.

Coxreels Three-Way Brake For 1600 Series

The three-way brake is a lever-actuated brake, offering the operator three positions: locked (full brake), drag (minimal brake), and free-spin (no brake), for use during transport, unwinding, and rewinding. Constructed with solid steel brake drums, true composite brake friction pads, stainless steel slides, and corrosion-resistant plated components, the accessory offers users an extended brake life and hassle-free brake maintenance.

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Sensorex S465 Series And S420 Series pH/ORP Sensors

The Sensorex S465 Series are a direct replacement alternative to Acu-Trol pH and ORP probes, and the S420 Series replace Strantrol pH and ORP probes. Both series employ a ½-inch NPT connection for easy in-line installation or use with existing Acu-Trol or Strantrol flow cells, without modification. Advanced signal shielding reduces noise for more accurate communication with process control systems.

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Underhill Novo 2Wire Converter

A practical new solution for expanding or renovating multi-wire irrigation systems. Compatible with all major controllers, Novo installs alongside the host multi-wire controller as part of a hybrid system and can manage up to 32 new two-wire stations. Rather than digging up the existing landscape to connect a multi-wire system, installers can now set up a compatible Novo hybrid system by connecting a single pair of properly-sized wires from the last existing multi-wire valve to new two-wire valves with decoders.

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Ecoflex Potable PEX Plus Pipe

A new pre-insulated PEX pipe system from Uponor for underground potable-plumbing applications provides energy-efficient freeze protection in cold climates. It features 1¼-inch service pipe with a 7 W/ft. heat-trace cable that runs the entire length of the pipe. The pipe, which is approved for underground potable-water applications, is available with a full line of accessories. It is offered in 300-foot coil lengths, with custom-cut lengths available as well.   

Earth & Turf Ballast Box

This ballast box has box dimensions of 24 inches wide, 20 inches high, and 16.5 inches deep. Its overall height to the top link connection is 29 inches. Capacity is 4.75 cubic feet, and its weight (empty) is 125 lbs. Features include four pre-drilled holes for the installation of a tool box, tool-carrier loops to support shovels, rakes and other long-handled tools, a weld-on hitch for towing and light lifting and drainage holes in all four corners. List price is $357.


ColorQ TesTabs PRO 4 Handheld Photometer

Measures four basic pool and spa tests; free chlorine (DPD), total chlorine (DPD), bromine (DPD) and pH. As a bonus, it can also measure total alkalinity (Code 3882A-J), calcium hardness (Code 3883A-J) and cyanuric acid (Code 6996A-J) with optional reagents sold separately. The photometer is easy to use and includes 100 instrument-grade TesTabs per factor packaged in blister-style foil.       

Hilo Challenge Domes

These geodesic spherical structures support ropes courses and other climbing activities. They come in five different sizes, ranging from 30 feet to 70 feet in diameter. The small version suits ropes course layouts with up to seven course elements. The largest dome supports course layouts with up to 46 individual elements. The dome without the cover also makes for an exciting indoor attraction.

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