Product Review

EverPrime Waterless Drain Trap Liquid  

Use for drains which tend to dry out due to lack of use. Totally biodegradable and freeze resistant, EverPrime eliminates sewer odors that can be released from floor and shower drains, sinks, and even unused water fountains. Just a few ounces lasts for months. Freeze point is -20°, making it excellent for winterizing traps.

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Eco TempLine Synthetic Turf Paint       

Painting one synthetic- turf field for multiple professional sports requires rapid changeover. Waterborne paint systems, like TempLine, offer low-VOC formulations, easy removal, and zero fumes. Environmentally friendly, TempLine adds value to the venue, increases player safety, and extends the life of your field all while delivering superior performance.

Carryover from PRB October

Inter-Fab i-Lift

The i-Lift is an affordable solution for ADA compliance and offers a wireless remote control as standard feature.  The unit is battery operated, with a low battery warning light and manual override switch, and delivers up to 90 lifts at maximum capacity on a single battery charge. Designed to reach over pool gutters with a 6- to 22-inch setback range and a 0- to 12-inch water draft range.


BOB-CAT Predator-Pro 72-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

The mower features a rugged, true floating DuraDeck that prevents scalping and provides superior clipping dispersal. The high-traction mower easily grips landscape obstacles, leaving behind a precise, world-class cut, every time.

RYAN Renovaire Aerator

This tow-behind aerator provides coring precision ideal for large, undulating turf such as parks and golf courses. With a 6-foot width, it’s capable of aerating 3 acres in a single hour up to a depth of 4 inches. Coring, spoon or slicing tines available.

STEINER 440 Tractor

More engine horsepower, hydraulic power and versatility—packed into a compact, highly maneuverable lawn tractor. With 25 attachments and accessories to till, trench, sweep, load, plow, mow and more, this tractor has all your lawn maintenance needs covered, all year round.


Big Brown Mound          (MUST RUN)

This pitching mound system flips from a mound surface to a flat softball or multi-purpose surface in seconds, which maximizes space from the same field. It’s easy to install on a skinned, grass or synthetic field at the time of field construction or retro-fitting into existing fields. It can be set at 46, 48, 50, or 54 feet for baseball and utilizes multiple rubber positions for fastpitch that include 35, 40, 43 and 46 feet. Big Brown Mound stores inside of itself eliminating hauling the mound on or off the field.

Ropes Courses, Inc. Sky Trail

The Sky Trail not only promotes group events, team building exercises and mental challenges to encourage a friendly interaction for their day campers and facility visitors, it also provides a multi-dimensional experience for people of all ages.

Coxreels Oversized Rollers

Coxreels’ rollers for manual and motorized hose reels keep the hose entering the reel protected during unwind and rewind. Guide rollers prevent the hose from jumping over the disk of the reel and are beneficial when hose is deployed to a direction other than directly forward of the reel. The oversized 1.5-inch rollers are especially useful on wider drum reels where the rollers span a larger distance.

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FMC Fame Fungicides

Fame fungicides, a family of FRAC 11 group (Strobilurin) products that deliver fast-acting, patented fluoxastrobin protection against all  major patch, spot, and patch diseases,  are now available. Rainfast in 15 minutes, Fame fungicides can be used on all types of turfgrasses and provide fast foliar and root uptake.

Bright White Paper Co. Easyboards

Reusable sign-framing systems open by peeling back the Velcro or magnetic-lined cover. Insert the sign, close the cover and it’s perfectly framed, held snugly in place with a firm, stable backing. Sizes range from 8½ x 11 inches to 36 x 48 inches, with seven sizes in between and come with a standard black frame. Variations include single- or double-sided, custom colored borders, adhesive backed magnetic frames and custom meeting sign boards.

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CRS Geese Deterrent System

The Geese Deterrent System is a series of solar-powered lights that automatically flash every two seconds from dusk until dawn and recharge themselves throughout the day. The effectiveness of this system is based on the concept that at night geese congregate only in areas where they feel secure. As the amber light of the units flash, it makes geese feel unsafe and disturbs them enough to encourage seeking a habitat elsewhere without harming them in any way.


Jacobsen RZT Ride-On Zero-Turn Mowers

The flagship of Jacobsen’s new Professional Series is the RZT line of ride-on zero turn mowers, which provide the power and performance to handle any turf job with ease. The RZT mows up to 5.3 acres per hour with either a 25- or 27-horsepower Kawasaki FX engine or a fuel-efficient 27-horsepower Kohler EFI engine.

MoistureShield Composite Decking

Moisture- and insect-resistant MoistureShield composite deck boards provide an attractive, slip-resistant surface for decks, docks and boardwalks. Install them in the ground or underwater without voiding the warranty. MoistureShield decking and railing products are made with 95-percent total recycled content and do not need painting or staining.

Underhill H20 Maximizer 

H20 Maximizer is a specially formulated wetting agent for sports fields that penetrates dry soils and utilizes “ultra hydration” to retain more water in the root zones for healthier turf. Available in both liquid and pellet form, the surfactant ingredients stimulate initial soil-wetting action while the polymer resin attaches to soil particles for better water retention.

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Rain Bird QF Dripline Header

QF Header saves a significant amount of time and money and reduces hassles by eliminating the need to build a PVC header. It allows for much faster and more precise installations of both on-surface and sub-surface dripline grids. Available in 100-foot self-dispensing coils of ¾-inch or 1-inch tubing and with fitting spacing of either 12 inches or 18 inches, the flexibility makes it ideal for smaller planter beds and landscape designs that include sharp curves.

Dollamur Sport Surfaces GymTurf 365

GymTurf 365 turns any building into a baseball, football, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer or softball practice field in minutes. With this new product, one will never have training interrupted because of climate or scheduling issues.

Taking less than 30 minutes to install, it features Dollamur’s Flexi-Connect technology, an integrated feature that connects turf sections without additional fasteners or tape.

TurfMax Defoamer, Four New Dyes

TurfMax has added a defoamer and four new dyes to its product line. Specific additions include: TurfMax Blue Tracking Dye, TurfMax Green Tracking Dye, TurfMax Blue Pond Dye, TurfMax Black Pond Dye, and TurfMax Defoamer.