Product Review

Jacobsen HoverKing Mower

This is the lightest hover mower on the market at just 26 lbs. (16-inch version). The 20-inch version weighs 36.5 lbs. It offers a height-of-cut of 3 inches and three cutting system options: metal blade, metal edge with nylon blade or nylon string.

Reelcraft Hose Reel Trailer

Designed for grounds maintenance applications requiring up to 1” I.D. x 100’ of hose, the updated Series 37000 hose reels help to eliminate bearing misalignment and provides better performance in demanding applications. The trailer wheel base matches typical work vehicles and the wheels are mounted inside the bed to prevent snagging of trees and shrubs. An extra-long 32-inch trailer tongue allows for sharp turns.

(800) 444-3134

Coxreels Universal Bracket For 1600 Series

Made from 12-gauge, heavy-duty, powder-coated steel, the bracket functions as a chain/gear guard and allows for four versatile payout degrees (0°, 30°, 60°, and 90°) for mounting rewind crank, three- or four-way roller guide, and a three-way pin. It also includes a removable center guard cap for easy bearing access.

(800) 269‐7335

EverPrime Waterless Drain Trap Liquid

Use for drains which tend to dry out due to lack of use. Totally biodegradable and freeze resistant, EverPrime eliminates sewer odors that can be released from floor and shower drains, sinks, and even unused water fountains. Just a few ounces lasts for months. Freeze point is -20°, making it excellent for winterizing traps.

(800) 24-6364


Pilot Rock Colored Trash Receptacles      MUST RUN

Boys and girls on the playground generate trash (think drink boxes, water bottles, food wrappers, tissues). Why not make nearby receptacles in fun colors that match play structures, and will encourage kids to use them? Pilot Rock trash and recycling receptacles and lids are available in a rainbow of colors and a variety of sizes to fit your landscape and collection needs. Be creative and get the kids’ attention so they will pitch in.

Carron Net Tennis Posts And Net Systems      (MUST RUN)

Carron Net provides ready-to-install tennis posts and net systems for new construction and renovation which include the posts, ground sleeves, anchor, straps and top-quality, American-made tennis nets.  Full 3-part CSI specifications are available for use in the design, if required.

 (800) 558-7768

AmpliVox Mity-Lite PA System

The compact PA maximizes portability and versatility for rooms up to 1,500 square feet and audiences of up to 350. Weighing 6.5 pounds, the Mity-Lite can be placed on a tripod or simply worn on a shoulder strap to take powerful, clear 35W sound anywhere. It runs on an AmpliVox-exclusive rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 10 hours of use time.

Eco 250 Top Dresser

The walk-behind self-propelled broadcast spreader’s controls and levers are ergonomically designed for comfort, control, and accessibility. A newly designed hopper eliminates material bridging with smooth, steep sides and its live conveyor system and agitator maintain steady material flow for consistent even spreading.

Aluma 7712H Tilt Single-Axle Trailers

Features 14-inch aluminum wheels, aluminum fenders, an extruded aluminum floor and front and side retaining rails. The bed is 77.5 inches wide by 145 inches long. The trailers also include an LED lighting package and safety chains.

Hiniker SS600/SS1000 Stainless-Steel Tailgate Spreaders

The “No-Dribble” bubble auger design means the flow stops when the auger stops. The spreader features an in-cab variable- speed controller with blast control and control for optional vibrator. Hiniker’s brushed-finish 304 stainless steel hoppers are available in 6- and 10-cubic-foot capacities. An optional swing-away hitch provides access to the truck bed and tailgate.

Witt Industries Stadium Series Edge Receptacle

Designed to align flush against walls and columns to reduce obstructions and allow for maximum capacity in tight spaces. All four sides are able to be customized with a logo or message panel for maximum branding value to customers. The 48-gallon capacity receptacle is made of heavy-gauge steel and manufactured at Witt’s facility in the USA.

Turface Pro League Champion Brown

Champion Brown is the fourth color option in Turface Athletics’ popular lineup of infield conditioners. Its smaller, uniform particles offer excellent ball visibility on wet and dry fields. All Pro League products absorb their weight in water to improve footing and help to prevent rainouts. That absorbed moisture will later release to prevent a hard, cracked field when it’s dry.