Help Murray End The Money Box Blues

A  FUNNY thing happened while preparing to set up for the 2015 PRB Fall Festival.

Like all show vendors, you’re in a hurry to set up your booth. It was my first time to set up in the Shisler Center so I had to ask where the men’s room was. I found the handicapped stall and placed my money box conveniently on the pipe used to pull myself up from the porcelain pot.  Being in a hurry, I hastily washed my hands, grabbed a few paper towels and out of the men’s room I went in a hurry to set up my booth.

About a half hour went by, several other vendors were quickly setting up their designated spaces, and I was almost done. All I had left was to bolt down my locked money box so I could make change as needed for my customers.

That’s when I noticed that  I could not find my locked money box with $100 in mostly small bills! Panic started to set in ... slowly at first but, quickly elevating into OH NO I lost IT!!!

Then it hit me, the MEN'S ROOM! That is where I last had the $100 cash box! Well, for the second time today I was quickly heading to the John! I reached for the door and it was starting to open on its own. Two men slowly strolled out--one looking slightly suspicious carrying something that could have been a wrapped-up money box in his hand. I quickly opened the handicapped stall door and found nothing.

The hair on my neck started to rise. My mind went to what was in the man’s hand, but what did he look like? I quickly ran out of the bathroom and started looking for a middle-aged man with a covered money box in his hands! I did not see him in the hallway, the main lobby or outside smoking a cigarette. That's when I knew I had just lost my money box. I had the lost money box blues.

Well, needless say, I felt bad.

I walked over to one of the receptionists and asked; Did anyone turn in a money box recently? Knowing the answer would just enhance my blues. And it did… No. No. Sorry.

As a vendor, this is a bad way to start a show. No change. No Money box. What next?

I turned to walk back to my booth when a lady at the registration desk asked me if I had just lost a money box. I quickly turned and said YES! She said, “What did it look like” and smiled at me. She said someone gave it to her, but she did not get his name.

I don’t know who turned it in but I would like to thank them and give them a set of Murbles for their family to enjoy!!!

--Murry Kramer, Murbles Outdoor Sports Game

Bryan BuchkoNewsComment