Bee-autiful Fall Maintenance

Here in lovely, Medina, Ohio—home to A.I. Root Candle Company (and other assorted bee-related businesses)—fall is bee season. Not the good bees—those honeybees and bumble bees—but their meaner, nastier cousin, the yellow jacket.

Come September, these buggers get a bit testy. They know the end is near and they become short-tempered, on the prowl for the unsuspecting kids and adults who dare to come too close to their in-ground lairs.

After multiple years of treating kid’s yellow jacket bites, I finally learned to spend the last couple of weeks of August ferreting out their nests and eliminating them.

Part of the job is actually quite pleasant. I grab a beer (I find this is mandatory for bee detection), my rocking chair and hit the back patio and front porch for a couple of evenings, right around sunset. As the sun sets, I look for yellow jackets high-tailing it to their nests. This year, I found them in holes just off the patio, by our backyard fence and in our rock wall.

After my “recon” is done, I plan a sundown raid on the nests with a can of wasp spray and, a few days later, smile with satisfaction at a job well done. I’ve considered landing a remote-control airplane on our lawn with a banner that says “Mission Accomplished,” but the last time I saw that done, it didn’t work out so well, so I’m refraining in the name of superstition (and hubris).

Just kidding.

I bring this up because this month’s issue is dedicated to all those pesky, but unavoidable maintenance tasks that park and recreation departments undertake at this time of year—everything from aquatics facility maintenance to sports-field prep and synthetic-turf care. We cover it all—and offer up tips and tricks to make the season more productive and, just maybe, more fun.

I think it turned out well.

Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Till next month…

Rodney J. Auth


P.S. Last Chance to register for the Fall Festival taking place September 24 in Wooster, Ohio. It’s going to be awesome—one great keynote, 23 amazing sessions, 26 interactive exhibits and a day-end BBQ and Social. And, it’s inexpensive. You can’t go wrong. Literally.  See you there!