Product Review

Evolve All Surface Cleaner

A powerful all-in-one cleaner, degreaser, and deodorizer, that replaces over a dozen bathroom, kitchen and janitorial cleaning products.

Head Rush Technologies Redirection Pulley

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and custom engineered to be virtually resistant to snagging. Designed to be used in the redirection or reduction line setup for your zipSTOP Zip Line Braking System, it fits the company’s new Gorilla Rope perfectly, although the pulley can be used with any 7 mm or smaller rope.

ControlOMatic MiniWarden

This pH and ORP controller has many features not found in a lower-cost chemical controller. Measures the chemical values in the water continuously delivering the correct chemicals exactly when needed.

(530) 205-4520

CleanLine Strapless Solid Winter Cover

Patented CleanLine strapless solid winter safety cover has no straps across the length or width and absolutely no stitching anywhere. Manufactured using reinforced vinyl materials. No more ugly straps or worrying about making sure straps are ‘straight’ around pool. Conforms to all ASTM safety standards.

(800) 359-5350


Ventrac Power Bucket Attachment   MUST RUN

Made for the 3400 and 4500 Ventrac tractors, the HE302/482 Power Bucket attachment has the capability to easily do many landscape renovation jobs that require digging, excavation, backfilling and grading. Features include a hardened cutting edge and easy hydraulic operation. Optional accessories include cutting teeth and a grapple.

Cherrington Screeners

With an adjustable screening depth from 1 to 4 inches, the screeners can remove stones from ½ inch to 6 inches in diameter and return clean soil to a seedbed, horse arena, athletic field or beach. The oscillating sifting screen powers off the tractor’s PTO.

(701) 952-0226

Titan PowrLiner Line Stripers

Titan has upgraded its PowrLiner Series hydraulic models 4955, 6955 and 8955 line stripers for striping pavement, grass or turf. The PowrCenter dashboard puts the throttle and pressure control at the operator’s fingertips—eliminating the need to stop striping to make adjustments—while the SmartArm system contains a gun boom that folds out for quick set up and folds up for easy transportation and storage.

Pen Fabricators CleanLine Solid Safety Cover

This cover for commercial aquatic facilities does not use straps across entire length and width of the cover and has absolutely no stitching anywhere on the cover. Manufactured using reinforced vinyl materials, conforms to all ASTM safety standards and ships with a cover pump.

(800) 359-5350


A complete line of ADA-compliant pool and spa lifts including in-deck and portable units, battery, self-operable and even several options for 90- and 360-degree turns.  Brands include Pentair AquaTRAM, Inter-Fab, Spectrum, Global and SR Smith. 

(914) 235.2200

Delta UV NSF Certified UV units

Delta UV offers a full line of low pressure, low pressure amalgam and medium pressure UV systems for every size commercial spa, pool and splash pad.  Designed to reduce chemical usage, render 99.99 percent of all water-borne micro-organisms harmless and improve air quality by removing dangerous chloramines for bather comfort and safety.

(866) 889-8765  

Club Car Limited Slip Differential

Club Car’s new line of Carryall utility and transport vehicles are now available from the factory with an optional automatic limited slip differential (LSD) when ordered with the class-leading EFI powertrain. The automotive-style LSD system operates differently than open or locking differentials because it does not require the driver to manipulate buttons or levers.

Dixie Chopper Kohler EFI Models

Dixie Chopperhas added two new Kohler EFI (electronic fuel injected) powered zero-turn mowers to its product line-up. The Classic 3160EFI is powered with a 31-horsepower fuel efficient 824cc Kohler Command PRO EFI engine to reach a ground speed of 12 mph with a mowing capacity of 5.4 acres per hour. The XCaliber 3366EFI is equipped with a 33-horsepower fuel efficient 824cc Kohler Command PRO EFI engine, reaching a ground speed of 13 mph to mow over 6 acres per hour.

SeaKlear Natural Clarifier

SeaKlear has improved the strength of its popular Natural Clarifier. It naturally clarifies cloudy pool water, removes excess oils and lotions to prevent scum, and improves filter efficiency by suspending particles on the filter media surface without clogging—making filters quicker and easier to clean. Safe to use with all sanitizers (even ozone and mineral ionizers.

ECHO PB-580 Backpack Blower

The PB-580 features a powerful 58.2 cc professional grade two-stroke engine that helps deliver air volume of 510 CFM and air speed of 215 MPH. Other notable qualities a full padded backrest, adjustable shoulder straps, a vented back pad, a four-point vibration-reduction system and a tube-mounted throttle with a new grip design that’s easier on user hands during all-day use.

RAVE Sports Towables

RAVE Sports, a manufacturer of inflatable water sports products, has introduced six unique new towables for water sports adventures. All feature high-quality materials for durability and innovative designs for ultimate water sports fun. Styles include the #STOKED, #EPIC, Blade 48”, Blade 70”, Razor XP, and Tirade III.

(800) 659-0790