Product Review

Pilot Rock Playground Site Furniture

Pilot Rock park benches come in 19 different styles with a rainbow of color choices using 100-percent recycled plastic and plastic-coated steel. Kids play hard, so the benches offer welded steel fabrication, built to withstand constant exposure to the public and nature. Matching picnic tables and trash receptacles are also available.

SeaKlear Rescue Klear

Addresses tough, cloudy pool water problems in aquatic facilities with high bather loads by blending a powerful enzyme and a natural clarifier to quickly and effectively clean up oils from bathers and vandalism, as well as dead algae. It battles the problem using enzymes to naturally degrade oils coupled with SeaKlear’s proven, natural clarifying biopolymers. 2 ounces treats 10,000 gallons.

Spec Chem Starver X

This solution is a blend of rare earth compounds and complex polymers that effectively reduces high phosphate levels quickly to “starve” algae growth. It is compatible with all sanitizer systems.

(425) 443-0082

Dero Cycle Dock

This solid laser-cut steel-plated bike rack provides high security that is pleasing to the eye. With unassuming wheel stops at its base, it offers three points of contact for extra bike stability, while the wide-spacing between its two arms decreases handle bar conflicts when parking two bikes.

Hunter Industries STK-6V Synthetic Turf Irrigation System

An enhanced version of its existing synthetic turf irrigation system to clean and cool synthetic sports turf, the core of the system features gear-driven long-range rotors, a heavy-duty manifold assembly, and low-pressure loss, slow-opening valves, with all components contained in a construction-grade vault for total top service and easy maintenance.

Ecolawn ECO 150 Compost Spreader

Ecolawn's new generation applicator is a self-propelled, forward broadcast compost spreader. At 34-inches wide, it is designed for tight places where other applicators find it problematic but will also do larger spaces with ease. Other features are the new conveyor belt that’s 2 inches wider, the Vanguard 6.5 Briggs & Stratton engine, four tie-down points, and an improved polyurethane hopper (11.5 Cu Ft/ .333 Cu M) designed to eliminate bridging.

(802) 673-9077

Head Rush Technologies Adventure Tower

Allows your customers to climb, zip, jump, and more, all on one convenient, vertical structure. The tower is customizable and can be made from a variety of materials, allowing you to choose the overall look and feel of the structure. Certain elements, like roofing, platforms, climbing walls, and devices, also can be added or removed. Tower activities are hand-selected to fit your needs. Each additional activity will increase your tower’s overall maximum throughput, increasing the rate of return on your investment.

Land Pride DB2660 Ditch Bank Rotary Cutter

Built for either 540 or 1000 RPM tractors, the DB2660 features a 58-inch cutting width, 1-inch cutting diameter, and 32-inch cutting reach. The ½- by 4-inch blades rotate clockwise at 15,000 fpm, directing debris away from the tractor. Minimum cutting height is dictated by the tractor's 3-pt height.

Underhill M-180S Sports Field Sprinkler

Offers a range of features, including a 177-foot wide radius and integral electric valve-in-head. The M-180S is designed for use on natural and synthetic turf fields and installs out of the area of play for greater safety and easier maintenance. Fully adjustable from 30 to 360 degrees, the M-180S can irrigate a regulation football, soccer or hockey field with just six heads. It is also used to quickly cool and clean synthetic turf surfaces before play.

(866) 863-3744

Hayward Pool Products Extended Life TurboCell

Delivering a 25-percent greater total chlorine output over its lifetime than Hayward’s leading T-CELL-15 and producing the equivalent of 725 lbs. of Trichlor, this new product offers the same luxuriously soft water and hassle-free sanitization that salt chlorine users expect, but allows them to enjoy their investment longer. It produces 1.47 lbs. of chlorine per day for a 40,000-gallon pool, cutting down lifetime chlorine costs to less than $1 per pound.

(908) 351-5400

LifeGuard Lift ADA-Compliant Pool Lifts

The battery-powered ADA compliant pool lifts—Model #100287 and Model #100289—boast a 350-pound lifting capacity and a 360-degree continuously powered rotation for a variety of user applications. Standard features include wireless water-proof controller with tether; removable battery; battery charger shut-off; arm rests—one rotating for access and one stationary for safety; foot rest; and safety belt.

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Titan TR1 Line Striping Tips

Titan TR1 Line Striping tips spray razor-sharp lines with less overspray and splattering than competitive line striping tips. The tips feature a long-lasting orifice that sprays a uniform mil thickness for the life of the tip, consistently producing precise lines and professional results.

Eco Compost Spreader