May Flowers

The sun was shining, the calendar had turned the page to April and Home Depot’s garden section was alive with possibilities. After grabbing a replacement rake to use in de-thatching my lawn, I walked past a display of tomato plants – 5 for $8. What a deal!

I couldn’t resist and, even though it was early, took a chance and bought the best five they had left.

Working in the sun that afternoon and through the next week, I got the lawn in shape, rototilled the garden, planted my cold crops and then focused on my new location for my precious tomato plants—right in the doggone center of my front yard in a decorative (I hoped) raised garden.

In case I was wrong about how attractive the raised garden was going to be, I waited for my wife to leave on her Sunday grocery shopping trip and enlisted the help of my oldest daughter to quickly build it using materials I’d repurposed from around the yard.

By the time she came home, we had the bed built, installed and my precious tomato plants planted. My wife pulled in, took a look, eye-balled me and decided to let me get away with it. Whew!

I was excited by the nice sunny spot and, for the next two weeks watched as my plants started to reach for the sky. Everything was going according to plan—till April turned back to March.

Alas, no blanket was strong enough to protect my little guys from the hard frost we received. So, I’m heading back to the store, next week (or maybe later) for another batch of plants—which means, as usual, my great deal wasn’t so great.

I shared my story with one of our local parks folks. He felt my pain. They were trying to finish a bridge connecting an existing multi-purpose trail to a new one they were grading and the weather was fighting them every step of the way. It wasn’t making their spring sports-field prep or playground and pavilion spruce-up any easier either.

We commiserated for a little longer and then, as I left, he turned to me and said, “Rodney. Just remember. If April showers bring May flowers—we’re in for a spectacular month!”

Love it. What a great attitude. So great, I thought I’d share it with all of you.

I hope you enjoy this month’s effort. As usual, we loved creating it.

Till next month…

Rodney J. Auth


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