Great Parks Thanks Their Volunteers

Great Parks is celebrating National Volunteer Week, a Points of Light program, which recognizes all volunteers for working together and helping to meet challenges and accomplish its goals. The week marks the ongoing importance of recognizing volunteers for their vital contributions to the community.

Last year, over 2,000 (400 corporate, 1,051 community, 583 Great Parks volunteers) volunteers contributed more than 66,000 hours of service to the park system, stretching resources and adding positively to the bottom-line. It is well recognized that many programs and services would not exist without volunteer support! Great Parks values these contributions and strives to recognize volunteers on a daily basis.

National Volunteer Week offers each and every one of us the opportunity to concentrate our attention on our outstanding volunteers and their wonderful support.

Great Parks is saying “thank you” to its volunteers during National Volunteer Week with signs at most park locations and by telling them every chance they get. Here are some other great ways to recognize volunteers, not just during National Volunteer Week, but anytime throughout the year:

  • Take a few minutes to send hand written thank you cards
  • Invite your volunteers to an informal potluck
  • Share a home-made dessert
  • Create a volunteer photo display on your facility bulletin board
  • Simply say “thank you.”