Product Review

Cre8Play Fallen Tree Bench

Use one or several benches, place them facing each other, connected, or spaced out to get different social interactions between users. Constructed with 100-percent glass fiber reinforced concrete, the Fallen Tree

Bench is extremely durable and impresses with its comfort and styling.!

Pentair BioShield CLP UV System

Reduces chemical usage and simultaneously improves both air and water quality of swimming pools. UV secondary disinfection systems offer aquatic facilities an alternative to many of the chemicals normally purchased to ensure clean, clear, swimming pool water.  UV also provides instant protection against chlorine-resistant micro-organisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

(800) 831-7133

FABCOTE Safety Rails

Powder-coated safety rails for swimming pools and spas designed to resist corrosion in pool environments. The surface of the rail is evenly coated using an electro-static process that drives the coating material into and around all surfaces. Made of high grade 304 stainless steel, these rails are ideal for increased safety in pool area. Standard and custom rails and ladders available.

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BOB-CAT QuickCat Stand-On Mower

Featuring an ergonomic and nimble design that places the platform close to the drive axles, the QuickCat reduces vibration and rider fatigue to provide commercial operators with all-day comfort and stability. With an 8 mph mowing speed and 10.5 mph transport speed, the extra-large drive tires and 6.5-gallon fuel tank allow for a smoother ride and less time without refueling. This is the company’s first stand-on mower.

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Pilot Rock Trash and Recycling Receptacle

The square steel frame and recycled plastic inlaid slats make it rugged and durable in both structure and appearance.  A rainbow of color combinations is available for the powder-coated steel components and the 100-percent recycled plastic slats. Colorful dome or flat lids are available to collect trash or recyclables.

Fibrex Revolve Dual Stream Recycling Containers

The Revolve system is an innovative housing for wheeled collection carts that fit a variety of cart designs. Made out of rust-resistant galvannealed steel with no exposed fasteners. All units come with an architectural-grade powder-coated finish both inside and out. Containers can be made in the color of your choice and fitted with your custom logos.

(800) 346-4458

TurfEx RS7200 Spread-N-Spray

This self-propelled spreader/sprayer combination unit boasts high capacity, superior material application and high-performance handling. It is powered by a 200cc Honda GX200 engine with a 2:1 ratio gear reducer. The large-capacity hopper accommodates 150 pounds, or 3 cubic feet, of material, which can be spread up to 11 feet wide. The sprayer is powered by a 2-gpm pump, and the low-pressure nozzles offer multiple spray patterns to apply liquid up to 11 feet wide. A spot sprayer is also provided for weed-spraying applications.

(248) 586-3500

Land Pride Rotary Cutter RC2515

A 15-foot version of the company’s 12-foot medium-duty Rotary Cutter, this is an economical solution for general grass-cutting needs. The gearboxes feature a 1-5/8-inch output shaft and stout lower bearings. The gearboxes are driven by a constant velocity Cat. 4 main driveline and Cat. 3 connecting drivelines with slip-clutch protection on all three.