Making Good Time

It was Friday afternoon in Wisconsin. The summer sun was hot and we had tickets to the Brewer’s game. My four younger siblings and I could hardly contain our excitement.

To burn off some steam while we waited for Dad to get home, we played a game of Pickle. We chucked the ball back and forth between the two front yard trees that acted as bases, racing to run down whoever was in the middle.  We yelled, screamed, fought, cried, and sweated; it was just another typical day at the Auths.

Eventually, Dad pulled into the driveway. We dropped our gloves, ran over to him and started badgering him to get changed and get going. We wanted to see batting practice. We wanted to tailgate. We wanted, wanted, wanted…

Dad did as he was told and rushed around like a crazy man to get us on the road.

Flustered, my Dad took off like a bat out of you know where and we soon found ourselves halfway to the stadium. It was then my Mom turned to my Dad and said, “Rich, we forgot to pick up Jason.”


The scream erupted from the backseat. Dad turned around and we headed back to pick up my friend—who, apparently, I completely forgot about in my rush to make it to the game.

As we loaded him into the car, I heard my Dad say to Jason’s father, “Sorry about that Tom. You know the Auths. We don’t know where we’re going, but we’re always making good time!”

Tom laughed and we took off, one more time, for the stadium.

This issue is dedicated to helping you actually figure out where you’re going AND make good time once you get started.

We feature a whole well of stories on developing a Park Master Plan—the first in a five-part series of master planning ideas we’re publishing this year. In addition, this is also our annual GREEN issue, which means we’ve once again collected some ideas on how to more efficiently use your resources to help keep old Mother Earth alive for the next generation.

All in all, I’m pleased with what we came up with. I don’t know if it will drive as much excitement as our annual family trip to County Stadium, but I hope it’s close.

Till next month!

Rodney J. Auth


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