Tired of working too hard to track down great products (and prices)?

Let PRB (Parks & Rec Business) and our online bid engine do the work for you.

Simply log in to your Insider account, enter your project information (ie: what you’re looking to purchase) and hit save. Our staff and system does the rest.

We review your request to ensure it’s set up properly and we deliver it quickly to our constantly growing, vetted database of vendors. Those vendors interested in selling to you simply load their proposal — complete with all the details you’ll need to make a decision (including price) — to your Insider account.

Each time a new response is submitted, you’re notified via email. When you feel you have enough to take action, simply log in and review all the competing proposals.

Not sure which company is right for you? Click on the company name and check out their reviews and ratings in our buyer’s guide or use the contact information they provide to follow-up in person.

It’s quick, painless and effective.