Clearing The Lawn Of Leaves

WACO, Texas – The seasons are changing, and with fall comes leaves – often lots of them. Keeping a lawn leaf-free can be a daunting task for some homeowners. There are multiple ways to get rid of accumulating leaves, whether homeowners are disposing of them or recycling them. The Grounds Guys offers a few tips for keeping leaves under control this fall.

When disposing of leaves:

Mow them up

Attach a bag to your lawn mower and mow over the leaves to crush and collect them. This is a quick and easy way to do a quick pick up when there are a lot of leaves in one area.

Use a yard vacuum

Similar to a lawn mower with a bag, a yard vacuum will shred up the leaves. The material that is shredded can then be placed in a bag or in a designated spot.

Rake them

The oldest trick in the book can also be the most efficient. For smaller areas or fewer leaves, raking can be the easiest way to move the leaves into one spot and dispose of them from there.

When recycling leaves:

Use them as mulch

Leaves make great mulch! Not only are they free, they also work just as well as any mulch you might buy. Shred up the leaves so they don’t create a layer that’s too dense for water to pass through. Moisten the shredded leaves so they don’t find their way back to your lawn.

Add them to your compost pile

Leaves eventually turn into a leaf mold, a type of compost. Adding leaves to your compost will help you attain high-quality compost that will be ideal for use in your gardens and for future use when planting. If you aren’t much of a gardener, consider donating your bags of leaves to your neighbors for use in their compost piles.

While leaves seem harmless, and most would rather let the wind do the work, sometimes it’s necessary to remove them. The Grounds Guys hopes that these tips are helpful and encourages homeowners to get out and enjoy the fall weather.

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