NPCA Hopes Anthem Will Increase Attendance

LOS ANGELES, June 20, 2014 - Award-winning songstress Doreen Taylor was honorably chosen to collaborate with the nation’s leading park advocacy organization to create an anthem in honor of our national parks. Taylor has created the song and music video for “Colors of the USA” in an effort to draw more people into the parks. The song has been honorably named as the ‘Official Song of the National Parks Conservation.’ The music video can be viewed here: . “Colors of the USA” showcases Doreen’s talents as not only a vocalist, but as a songwriter and musician. Her hope, along with NPCA, is to increase diversity among park attendance. Attendance at our beloved parks has dwindled among the millennial generation. The partnership between Taylor and the NPCA brings hope for a revival of our national parks.

The song is available to the public for download EXCLUSIVELY at . A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to NPCA to help advance their mission to protect our national parks. “One of the challenges facing the parks today is that younger more diverse audiences are not visiting them at the volume their parents and older generations did,” said Linda Rancourt, NPCA Vice President of Communication. “In order for the parks to continue to be healthy and last into the future we need to engage and attract the enthusiasm of younger more diverse audiences.  I think Doreen’s song certainly will appeal to a more diverse audience than we currently engage with in National Parks protection.”

With the vacation season upon us, the NPCA hopes to inspire a new generation to explore and enjoy the beauty of our national parks. In a society aimed towards technological advancement the younger generation has lost appreciation for the parks. It is the hope of Taylor and the NPCA to restore an interest in the preservation of national parks.

“I really believe that the song will help us reach out to that millennial generation,” said Theresa Pierno, NPCA Chief Operations Officer. “Some of them aren’t even aware the National Parks are out there and are unfamiliar with these beautiful, sacred and natural resources. We hope that Doreen’s song is going to make them more interested and want to go to these places. We also hope this song will help focus much needed attention on the National Parks, and ultimately protect these wonderful places that are there for all of us!”

The National Parks Conservation Association’s ( ) mission is to protect and enhance America’s National Park System for present and future generations. NPCA is an independent, nonpartisan voice working to address major threats facing the National Park System. NPCA was established in 1919, just three years after the National Park Service. Stephen Mather, the first director of the Park Service, was one of their founders and felt strongly that the national parks would need an independent voice—outside the political system—to ensure these places remained unimpaired for future generations. Now, nearly one hundred years later, NPCA has more than 800,000 members and supporters. In addition to their LEED-certified national headquarters in Washington, D.C., NPCA has 24 regional and field offices around the country.