CULTEC Welcomes New Distributor in Ireland & UK

BROOKFIELD, CT– CULTEC, Inc., a manufacturer of plastic stormwater and septic chambers, is pleased to announce that Navan, Ireland-headquartered Cloudburst has joined its list of growing international distributors, and now offers CULTEC’s full line of stormwater management products to the Irish and United Kingdom markets.

“Cloudburst offers clients a reliable and complete solution for their projects, and in many cases that’s what’s needed to grow in new territories,” said John DiTullio, Sales Manager, CULTEC, Inc. “In working with Cloudburst, we will be able to address the need for proper stormwater management from the onset of engineering in the conceptual phase, through the design phase and carry it all the way through the final installation.”

Cloudburst is a sustainable water management systems company that designs, installs and supports stormwater, floodwater and rainwater technologies that deliver operational, cost-effective and environmental benefits to its clients. With offices in both Ireland and the UK, Cloudburst hopes to eventually extend the reach of its services and offer CULTEC products to additional European markets. Most recently, Cloudburst served as the distributor and provided a large modern and sustainable stormwater management solution using CULTEC chambers for the rejuvenation of the Grangegorman Campus, currently one of the most high-profile projects in Ireland.

“We envision great long-term benefits stemming from this new relationship, as CULTEC provides an impressive product with the industry knowledge and excellent customer service to back it up,” said David Newman, Technical Director, Cloudburst. “We are looking forward to years of collaboration to design, install and maintain sustainable systems for key water management applications.”

CULTEC carries two series of chamber sizes. The Contactor chamber series consists of lower profile, lower capacity chambers and are typically used for installations with depth restrictions or when a larger infiltrative area is required. The Recharger series consists of higher-profile, larger-capacity chambers. When using this series, storage volume is maximized in a condensed footprint.

CULTEC offers the largest variety of Contactor and Recharger chamber sizes, which can replace conventional stormwater retention/detention systems such as ponds, swales, large diameter pipe, crate or concrete structures. A form of infiltration system, CULTEC chambers have the highest removal rates of phosphorous, nitrogen, lead, zinc, suspended solids and organic carbon when compared to wetlands, water quality ponds, filtering systems and water quality swales. The chambers, which feature fully open bottoms and perforated sidewalls to maximize contact area, create a subsurface void area for water storage until the stormwater run-off is able to infiltrate into the ground or is redirected to an outfall. An internal manifold system unique to CULTEC chambers eliminates the need for time consuming pipe manifold fabrication, installation and manual haunching of embedment materials. Smaller chambers are inserted into the portals located on the sidewalls of the CULTEC chamber thereby creating the internal manifold for lateral flow. Area, excavation, material and labor costs are reduced by implementation of the internal manifold feature.

To reach Cloudburst, log onto or email or . For more information on CULTEC’s products, call 800-4-CULTEC or log onto .