Publisher's Note--Animal Magnetism

In high school and college, I developed what I felt was a sure-fire recipe for dating success – combine pure animal magnetism with a dash of hope/patience and, throw in a bit of foolish bravado. Basically, I put out my “vibe” and waited for girls I was interested in dating to pick up on it.

This replaced my “It’s-a-numbers-game” theory, which meant asking girl after girl out until somebody finally said yes. (It’s surprising how many no’s you can rack up in a week with this method.)

I’m proud to say the switch in methodology did, in fact, work. Once. That woman is now my wife—and when she reads this, I’m sure she won’t remember being attracted to my animal magnetism, but trust me, she was. So, I guess that proves the science.

I bring this up, not to brag—though that’s a nice side-effect—but because the folks in McAllen, Texas are working on their own version of animal magnetism and no, it doesn’t involve dating strategies or even real animals. But, it is an inspired idea—one with its roots in the Serengeti annual migration in Tanzania, East Africa—and one that might be really cool to copy in your hometown.

This out-of-the box story is the perfect follow-up to last month’s out-of-the-box (literally) feature on Downtown Container Park and the perfect lead-in to next month’s out-of-the box story (I won’t ruin the surprise).

The rest of the issue covers equally awesome ground—including how the city of Mt. Pleasant, Mich., is using bikes and bike trailers as part of their maintenance fleet, how the city of Lynchburg, Va., is using cameras as part of their summer camp programming to surprising result and so much more.

Some of the stories will make you think, some will get you a little emotional and all of them will be interesting. Just the way we like it.

Now it’s your turn. Give it a read and let us know what you think.

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Till next month…

Rodney J. Auth