Linquist Appointed Principal At EDSA

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.– When Founder Edward D. Stone Jr. launched EDSA in 1960, he had the unique vision of creating a special culture that incorporated the voice of every employee, regardless of title or age. This culture and “collective of innovative-minded peers” continues to evolve today as EDSA announced the promotion of 10 distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions to the global planning, landscape architecture and urban design firm.

With more than 30 years of experience and a long track record of success since joining EDSA in 1988, the company appointed Ed Linquist as Principal to the firm, making him the thirteenth person to currently hold this leadership role within the company. Trained to focus on the key issues of creating a comprehensive project vision, Ed also specializes in knowing how to enhance the overall guest experience and building value into the project and respecting the surrounding environment. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of project management and design ranging from large scale land planning and resort assignments to urban mixed-use developments and golf communities. As the studio leader of EDSA’s Orlando office, Ed has worked on numerous projects including the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center, Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort, Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea and Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World.

In addition to Ed, nine other esteemed individuals were recently promoted at EDSA into a range of positions from Executive Vice President, Marketing to Associate. Here’s a list of the full roster:

Promoted to Executive Vice President, Marketing

Jill Martinez (Fort Lauderdale): Jill joined EDSA in 2003 as an experienced marketing professional and quickly grew to understand the service offerings within the design industry.  With over 25 years of experience, she contributes to the firms’ continued expansion into new market territories providing strategic intelligence related to growth goals.  Jill is responsible for institutional marketing, business development, media relations, social and web services as well as event planning and corporate identity programs and materials.  With an artistic eye, she enhances the creative manner in which the EDSA brand is positioned as an international leader in the marketplace.  In her role, Jill provides a number of reporting tools that evaluate a series of metrics to analyze cause and effect outcomes of all marketing and business development related efforts.  She leads her team in the creation and execution of quality materials and key business pursuits ensuring appropriate benefits and differentiators are identified.  Jill has a confident energy that she continues to bring to her position every day.

Promoted to Associate Principal

Ryan Clifton (Baltimore Office): Embracing challenges and continually enacting the influence a landscape architect has on the development of a project is what fuels Ryan’s love for the profession. Having had the opportunity to work on projects in the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia, he has acquired an understanding of the significance that history and culture play in planning and how it ultimately directs design. He enjoys researching a site’s historic practices, studying man-made and natural land uses and then collaborating with clients for the best possible outcome. With EDSA since his graduation, Clifton has developed a strong sense for addressing site issues and resolving design challenges.  He is actively involved in EDSA’s international expansion leading commissions in Brazil, Mexico and China. Ryan has contributed in the master planning, design, project management and construction observation of resort hotel developments and golf community projects worldwide.

Marc Hall (Fort Lauderdale): A strategic consultant, Marc addresses real-world needs with state of the art planning practices related to suburban growth and regional planning. He has a strong sense for pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use, community-oriented neighborhoods that addresses diversity in use and user, remain human scale oreinted and are environmentally sustainable. Marc is actively involved with initiatives, research and education conducting traveling graphics workshops at various universities. He has played a key role in shaping a range of nationally significant projects providing site analysis and evaluation pertaining to land use programming for high end resorts, residential communities and urban revitalization concerns along with commercial and entertainment properties. His scope of responsibilities include land planning, schematic design, design development, project management, permitting and construction period services. His work illustrates his typological versatility and ability to elevate the standards of landscape architectural design, never losing sight of the culture, history and geography of the area.

Xiang Li (Fort Lauderdale): During Xiang’s tenure with EDSA, she has been involved with all aspects of landscape architecture ranging from large scale planning to detail site design. Her work to date represents a wide range of project types including residential, hospitality, commercial, themed attraction, historic preservation and exhibition projects. A quiet but thoughtful leader, her approach includes establishing site specific design alternatives with respect to historic patterns, the creative use of authentic and indigenous materials and a respect for the end user’s needs and experiences.  She finds inspiration from travel, observation and immersion with a project’s context; always searching for new innovations as a means to foster creativity.  With a professional background in both architecture and landscape architecture, she has a holistic perspective of the relationship between open space and the built environment.  Committed to the social and cultural stewardship of her projects, Xiang believes design must originate from the outside in where all aspects of a site’s program and surrounding environment are integrated in context, culture, people and emotion.

Pablo Massari (Fort Lauderdale): Pablo’s work is characterized by its originality and responsiveness to the needs of each particular client and location. His impressive portfolio of achievements includes extensive work on resorts, single and multi-family housing developments, academic campuses, waterfronts, urban plazas, urban recycling plans and environmentally sensitive parks. He demonstrates an understanding of the clients’ goals and objectives, working toward creative solutions to challenges throughout the planning, design and construction process. Pablo possesses great skill in bringing out the essence of a space by carefully crafting environments that embrace beauty, allow form to follow function and reconnecting with nature. Having begun his education as an architect, he demonstrates knowledge in this discipline as well as engineering systems and construction methods. A calm professional with an incredible ability to manage a complex projects, Pablo’s collaborative approach yields design outcomes that are inspired by a thoughtful understanding of program, sustainability and a synergy between the built and natural environment.

Jeff Suiter (Fort Lauderdale): Passion, tradition and realism represent the core philosophies of Jeff. Through an explorative and collaborative design process, he has an ability to visualize the connection between design and how things get built. During his tenure with EDSA, Jeff has developed and nurtured numerous client relationships and attributes a great deal of his professional growth to the people and projects with whom he has had an opportunity to work. He finds great reward in being able to step back and see how people positively respond to the spaces he has had a role in creating.  His sensitivity to a project site extends beyond sustainability to include the quality of place and expression of people.  Having authored and guided a variety of successful projects ranging from land planning to complex construction, each with its own set of unique challenges, Jeff does so with confidence, tenacity and humility.  He has effectively involved EDSA in academic programs, pressing the case for a higher degree of practical experience for student design professionals.

Promoted to Vice President

Bill Estes (Fort Lauderdale): Bill joined the EDSA family in 2004, and in 2005, became the first LEED Accredited Professional at the firm.  He continues to lead organizational initiatives related to sustainable design and green practices. In addition, his approach is rooted in the artful practice of giving expression to communities and believing that practice and consistency improve your craft.  He has a strong background in developing design solutions that are site specific, striving to meld the interaction of people with architectural elements. Bill’s philosophy is to develop a sense of community and urbanity that not only addresses the physical mix of uses but also explores the natural, cultural and economic influences that bear on design. His responsibilities included conceptual design, design development, construction detailing and on-site construction observation.  As a current challenge, Bill is managing EDSA’s work on a large, Eastern European resort community that recently won an award of Excellence from Florida ASLA.

Promoted to Senior Associate

Ryota Iwai (Fort Lauderdale): Ryota joined EDSA in 2004 and continues to demonstrate a high level of professionalism.  By combining computer technology with an artistic approach, he communicates designs to clients in the most sophisticated manner. His approach encourages the thoughtful use of form and materials to engage people while respecting the unique context of each site.  Ryota begins each assignment by determining the unique opportunities and constraints of the project, helping define the program and functions of proposed spaces, and animating these spaces with a strong focus on form and materials.   Ryota’s exposure to projects ranging from concept to construction documents and implementation, have provided him with an insightful understanding of design and as a result, his high quality work product is functional and implementable. Two of the projects he has been involved in have been recent recipients of FASLA Awards.  He is a registered Landscape Architect and a LEED Accredited Professional.

Promoted to Associate

C aleb Rothenberger (Fort Lauderdale): Caleb started his EDSA career as an intern; officially joining the firm in 2008. Integral to his design process is a deep horticultural understanding where the textural element and materials bring a sculptural quality to his designs. Caleb possesses a strong skill set in detailed design and construction that has been essential in the successful entitlement and implementation of a wide variety of South Florida projects. He is a great asset to the team specifically during challenging permitting, development and timeline conditions and proves to work both efficiently and expeditiously in complex consultant teams.