Round Rock Tree-Planting Program

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS – Wag-a-Bag was a huge supporter of this year's Round Rock NeighborWoods tree planting program. The NeighborWoods Program provides free street trees to residents who agree to plant and care for them. The goal of the program is to improve the value of neighborhoods, shade the streets to reduce the Heat Island effect and reduce rainwater run-off.

The program is collaboration between the City of Round Rock, corporate sponsor Wag-a-Bag, and private citizens. For this program, the city government promotes tree planting in mature neighborhoods by partnering with businesses and citizens.  The sponsoring businesses donate trees that the citizens agree to plant and water the trees for at least two years.  The city determines if there is planting space, puts flags where the trees would go, and delivers the trees as well as provides information to the residents on how to properly plant and water their new trees.

This year, 100% of Wag-a-Bag's generous donation went towards purchasing 39 trees that went to 26 residents in Greenhill, Egger Acres and Mesa Park subdivisions. Following the Egger Acres pilot program of last year, local residents Bev Minica and Leah Palmer started a Yahoo email group to keep residents in touch. From that email group, Dr. Roberto Trevino led neighbors to form a neighborhood association. Inspired by this, Minica and Ann Hassan

went door-to-door in Greenhill, talking about adding trees to the area and starting a neighborhood email group. Local residents welcomed the idea of building a sense of community in the neighborhood, and when it came time to plant trees, the community was there to help. Since the NeighborWoods program delivers trees, but does not plant them for the residents, nearby neighbors graciously stepped up and assisted others in planting their trees.

Bev Minica stated “It is so important to plant young, native, long-lived trees now because many of the trees in some of the older neighborhoods are Arizona Ash trees, which have a lifespan of about 30 years, and are dying one branch at a time in our neighborhoods. Without planting replacement slow-growing, long-lived trees now, these neighborhoods won’t look the same 20 years from now. We need to educate our neighbors the need to add trees to our older neighborhoods, starting now.”

"Wag-A-Bag is pleased to be part of this excellent program”, said Nancy Rabb, owner of Wag a Bag Convenience Stores. “We believe it makes a difference for generations to come.”

“This is all good will and good deed,” said Round Rock Forestry Manager Emsud Horozovic. “You need to have somebody on the ground in neighborhoods that are willing to work unselfishly for many hours to make a difference.”  For Greenhill, Egger Acres and Mesa Park subdivisions, Bev Minica and Ann Hassan were those persons.

Companies interested in sponsoring a round of NeighborWoods tree plantings, please contact the Round Rock NeighborWoods volunteer coordinator, Bev Minica at (512) 255-7353 or You can also get more information about the NeighborWoods program on the blog