PRZ Sports Field Seminar

PRZ International is hosting its 21st Annual Seminar--Management & Maintenance For Sustainability

Each Seminar is customized for your particular area and micro-climate including type of grasses, growing season, elevation, rainfall and soil characteristics.

Learn How To Better Manage:

1. Sports Field & Park Water Conservation

A. Recycled water - the good and not so good

B. How to cut water usage by 25%—50%

2. Turf Sustainability

A. Scheduling/Wear

a. How many hours per week can your fields tolerate

B. Wear versus maintenance- how are they related?

C. Sports field drainage and how it affects


D. Newer varieties of warm and cool weather grasses

that have

a. Increased wear tolerance

b. Shorter or no dormancy

c. Quicker germination

d. Faster establishment

E. Getting user group cooperation

a. Rent-a-field versus ownership

3. Cutting Edge Breakthroughs in Turf


A. Sports Field Maintenance Breakthroughs

a. Fertilization savings with better results

b. Organics & Microbiology chemistry improvements

that reduce fertilizer usage, prevent compaction and

overcome soil problems

c. Organic fertilizer breakthroughs

d. Non drip-Sub Surface Irrigation

e. No till renovation

f. Carbon Reduction/Sequestering by park & Sports


g. Latest in turf maintenance equipment

B. Artificial Turf

a. Unbiased comparison to natural turf

b. Construction & maintenance costs verses natural turf

c. Increasing longevity

4. Sports Field Design & Renovation

A. Root-zone designing from a maintenance point of

view- amending soil for

a. soil stabilization

b. percolation

c. soil chemistry

d. soil microbiology

e. wear tolerance

B. Proper drainage

C. Proper grading

D. Proper specification of sod, seed and sprigging

E. No-Till Renovation- costs 1/3 to 1/2 less than full


a. equivalent to amending, rototilling, regrading and


b. played on in 8 weeks from seed

5. Tight Budgets

A. Utilizing information from a Park and/or Sports Field


B. Getting the biggest bang for the buck

C. New Funding Strategies

D. Man Power saving ideas

6. Sports Field Construction

A. Proper Root Zone Amendments

7. The economic downturn over the past 5 years has

left many fields destroyed or in bad shape. School

Districts & cities are being forced to spend money

to try to fix these fields with a quick fix, only to

find the fields in the same condition in 2 seasons or

less. Discover the tools that are needed to prevent

this from happening.

8. Outsourcing turf maintenance

A. What should be included

B. How to write a tight specification

C. How to monitor performance

D. Problems & solutions common to outsourcing

Who Should Attend This Seminar:

1. Community Service, Park Directors & Supervisors

2. LEED and Green Department Management Directors

3. Landscape Architects

4. M&O Directors

5. Public Works Directors – Environmental Commission


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