eBook Award Winner Becomes Novel

The Architect Who Couldn’t Sing , by architect J.D. ALT, has been awarded the eLIT Gold Award for 2012. The novel, which is also available in paperback, weaves the love story of a shy young man and an erotic, willful young woman, as they find themselves enmeshed in a national competition to design and build a utopian community of the future. Using the art of design for the art of seduction, and putting that task in the hands of a twenty year old trying desperately to understand his purpose as a man, sets up a tension that is both suspenseful and heartwarming—and leads to a surprising triumph over the greed and corruption that takes over the competition. Woven into the story is a subtle, and intriguing discourse on the art and purpose of architecture, and the contemporary issues of human settlements.

Alt, who is a practicing architect in Annapolis, Maryland, believes the story will be compelling for anyone with even a mild interest in the topic of architecture. "This story is about why architecture is such a beautiful and intriguing process," Alt says. "It touches our deepest desires and highest aspirations—and inevitably confronts the greed and corruption that undermine our fundamental relationship with nature."

The eLIT awards are given each year to digitally published books in a variety of categories. While Alt’s book is structured as a romantic novel, it was judged to be the most expressive commentary on the art and issues of architecture published in 2012.