Want Your Restroom Cleaned For Free?

As the nation gears up for National Get Outdoors Day on June 9, Cintas Corporation is offering complimentary restroom cleanings for public parks nationwide. Nominations are currently being accepted through the end of June for parks to receive Cintas’ Sanis® UltraClean SM services or Tile and Carpet Deep Cleaning services. Through the deep cleanings, park restrooms will be easier to maintain and keep clean throughout the busy summer season.

“Recent budget cuts are going to take a toll on the condition of facilities at public parks nationwide,” said Dave Mesko, Senior Director of Marketing, Cintas Corporation. “By offering the complimentary cleanings, we hope to keep parks healthy and enjoyable for visitors throughout summer.”

The Cintas Sanis UltraClean service uses high-pressure steam and chemicals to remove buildup inaccessible by mops and brushes. Cintas professionals clean every urinal, sink and toilet with chemicals to break down soils and then rinse all surfaces with a fresh water rinse. All remaining bacteria, soil and water is then extracted from all surfaces using Cintas’ quick dry method, meaning that restrooms incur no downtime following the cleanings. Following the service, park restrooms will be sanitized, smelling clean and ready for visitors.

For restrooms requiring a deeper clean, Cintas will use its Tile and Carpet Deep Cleaning services. Through a four-step, patent-pending process, trained professionals remove dirt from grout lines and hard surfaces are revitalized. The deep cleaning removes tough buildup on man-made tile and grout, natural stone, concrete and brick walkways. Tile and grout cleanings are often so effective that they eliminate the need for costly grout replacement.

To have a park considered for complimentary Cintas Deep Clean Service, please visit www.cintas.com/cleanpark now through the end of June. For more information, visit www.cintas.com/facilityservices .