Field Notes

Cre8Play is now designing peaceful gardens and play environments which incorporate critical healing elements including native wildlife, flowers and music.

Freshpark Action Sports , a producer of folding, modular action sports kits, received a safety endorsement from nationally accredited orthopedic surgeon Nick DiNubile.

Water Technology, Inc . (WTI) announced that Mike Jaroszewski has been named to the WTI and Neuman Group Project Development team. He will provide sales and support and work with the team in a leadership capacity to manage client projects and relationships.

Ameristar Fence Products , a manufacturer of ornamental fencing celebrated its 30-year anniversary on December 16.

Yanmar America Corp . will provide diesel engines for select Toro commercial turf-maintenance equipment. The deal allows Toro to comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier-4 emissions regulations, which went into effect January 1, 2013.

Terex has signed a distributor agreement with FMI Sales (Fiber Marketing International).  They will be a full-service distributor servicing Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Montana.

BioSafe Systems Announces GreenCleanFX Moss, Mold & Mildew Treatment Approved in California

Neptune-Benson, LLC , manufacturer of commercial aquatic filtration systems, has appointed Michael Griffin as the company’s new president.

BSN SPORTS , a sporting goods distributor to schools and leagues, acquired Montgomery, Illinois-based Hayden’s Sport Center, an independent sporting-goods team distributor.

Profile Products hired Tracey Hawkins as the company’s market development manager of sports fields for its western United States region. She will be responsible for driving increased use of the Turface Athletics brand of sports-field products by working with end-users and specifiers.

The Sports Turf Association celebrated its 25 th anniversary. The Guelph, Ontario-based organization was formed “to minimize and avoid injury to participants using athletic facilities where they relate to turf,” according to the website.



Cheering LBWA Along

I just read your article in PRB and really enjoyed it (“When Maintenance Gets Rough,” October 2012). What a great testimonial. Thanks for taking the time to share!

Kathy Pargmann

Marketing Manager, CPRP

Fort Wayne, Ind.


Houston First For Solar-Powered Splashpad

With sustainability at the forefront of splashpad design, the first solar-powered splashpad will be built in Houston's fifth ward. The site will include 18 solar panels that are expected to generate approximately 6,600 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. The power generated by the solar panels over the course of a year is expected to offset all of the electricity used by the facility—enabling the Vortex splashpad to have a “net zero” electrical footprint. The splashpad was donated by Reliant, a company that provides electricity, energy services and smart energy solutions to more than 1.5 million retail customers. The splashpad is scheduled to open later this fall and should be fully powered by solar energy next year.


Combat Mold And Mildew

GreenCleanFX Moss, Mold & Mildew Treatment by BioSafe Systems is now approved for sale in California. This outdoor, hard surface treatment effectively eliminates unsightly moss, mold, and mildew and controls the growth of odor-causing and slime-forming bacteria. The cleaner is an organic alternative to harsh chlorine-bleach, heavy metal copper, and phosphate-based products. It will not harm nearby plants, shrubs, or trees, so there is no risk of overspray.


Special Olympics Unveils Online Courses For Coaches

Washington, DC–Special Olympics launched two online education resources for its coaches, aimed at improving the quality and consistency of Special Olympics’ coaches training worldwide. Special Olympics has partnered with two leading sport coaching education providers—American Sport Education Program and the National Federation of State High School Associations to develop and deliver Special Olympics-customized online courses that meet entry-level and continuing education certification requirements for Special Olympics coaches. As Special Olympics coaches are volunteers, the courses provide much-needed web-based alternatives to traditional in-person trainings. For more information, visit .


NSPF Strives To Bring Swimming Lessons To All

Colorado Springs, Colo.--The Step Into Swim Campaign will direct $40,000 to four leading organizations who will help realize the Campaign’s goal to create one million more swimmers in the next 10 years. The non-profit agencies—American Red Cross, JCC Association, U.S. Swim School Association, and 21st Century Swimming Lessons—will teach children and adults the lifelong, lifesaving, healthy activity of swimming. Visit and to learn more and to donate.


Rain Bird Offers Training For Golf Products

TUCSON, Ariz.—Rain Bird Services Corporation has a new training program that focuses specifically on Rain Bird commercial and golf course central control system installation, operation and maintenance. The Rain Bird Factory Trained Program is designed to help contractors build their skills and open up new opportunities. The program offers professionals a chance to earn Installer, Operator and Technician designations across the complete line of products. For more information, call 800-RAIN BIRD, or visit .


Word On The Web

On “Compromise,” Oct. 12 Week-Ender blog:

Hey Ron!

Thanks for the great article! You are so right about the little things meaning a lot and making people feel good and cared about. I know your wife appreciates it too!

Angela Farber

St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation

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On “How About Some Good News?!,” Oct. 19 Week-Ender blog:

A 10-year-old super soccer player recently scored all four goals in a 4-3 win. Everybody was telling him how great he was. He pointed to one of the weakest players and said for everyone to hear, “Lauren is why we won. She stole the ball and made a great pass to set up the last goal.” This girl smiled from ear to ear. What a great thing for a 10-year-old kid to do. Thanks for the article. I am spending the rest of the day focusing on all the great things people do.

Billy Moore

Gloucester, Va.

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4-6 Southeast Pool & Spa Show, Atlanta, Ga.—Cobb Galleria Centre;

25-27 Ohio Parks & Recreation Association Annual Conference, Columbus, Ohio;


6-7 California & Pacific Southwest Recreation & Park Training Conference & Expo, San Jose, Calif.--San Jose McEnery Convention Center;

13-15 Arkansas Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Tradeshow, Fort Smith, Ark.—Fort Smith Convention Center;


8-9 Maine Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference, Portland, Maine—Holiday Inn by the Bay; (207) 474-6901

14-17 International Trails Symposium, Scottsdale, Ariz.--Radisson Fort McDowell Resort;

Tracey Hawkins





I certainly enjoy reading your maintenance-related information as it appears in PRB. I do have a question/request and was wondering if you could provide sample info that I am looking for:

•            Would anyone have available a template/spreadsheet that would list long-term maintenance schedules with the cost estimates and timeframes for community centers, senior centers, sports centers, and aquatics complexes?

•            I am looking to compare/update our Aquatics Complex and the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance task/checklist. Would anyone have a task/checklist that I could review and compare to what we are currently doing at our complex?

Ron Collins

- - -


There are basically two ways you can go on this: find a free source, or buy an off-the-shelf product. There are many options under both choices.

I did a quick internet search and found quite a few of each, such as Manager Plus, a computer program that allows you to document and track all your work orders and preventive maintenance. The advantage of this is it’s designed for exactly what you’re asking for, the “templates” are in the program; one disadvantage—it’s going to cost money.

There are quite a few free samples out there. Free is good, but the catch is that you have to do more work up front because it’s not nicely digitized like the more costly programs—however, you may be able to deal with that and in today’s economy, it might be your best bet.

Another source of information is Sagamore Publishing. They put out most of the texts that deal with parks and rec maintenance and at least one of their books, Parks and Recreation Maintenance Management, has examples of various templates from departments around the country. It’s a handy book to have around.

Hope this helps you some.

Best Regards,