Poster Educates About Pool Licensing

The Connecticut Spa & Pool Association (CONSPA) wants all pool and spa service businesses to know that pool service and maintenance people working in Connecticut must be licensed or face stiff fines.

To get the point across in a powerful way, CONSPA has created a 19-1/2-inch by 29-inch poster, which, among other things features a rather large, compelling red stop sign.

The Connecticut SP-1 License allows the holder to perform swimming pool maintenance and repair work, including plumbing, heating, and electrical work necessary to service, modify, or repair any swimming pool, hot tub, spa, or similar recreational or therapeutic equipment.

Swimming pool maintenance and repair work also includes the renovation or repair of non-potable water components of a pool, hot tub, or spa, including, but not limited to, coping and tiling, the shell, concrete finish or vinyl liner of such pool, hot tub or spa; and the draining, acid washing, or backwash filtration of a swimming pool.

To obtain this license, a contractor must take a licensing exam. Before he can qualify to take that exam, he must have worked two years as a properly licensed journeyman or have received equivalent experience and training.

An additional requirement is that the person applying for the license must have proof of having obtained the Certified Service Technician Certificate (formerly TECH II) from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) or have taken equivalent courses.

Along with the SP-1 License, there is the SP-2 Spa and Pool Journeyperson License. A holder of this license can perform all swimming pool maintenance and repair work, but only while the licensee is employed by an SP-1 contractor licensed for such work.

To qualify to take the SP-2 licensing exam, a person must have completed a bona fide apprenticeship program or have equivalent experience and training of no less than one year. The person must also have obtained the Certified Service Technician Certificate (formerly TECH II) from APSP or have taken equivalent courses.

Learn more about the SP-1 and SP-2 licenses by calling or writing:

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Chapter Secretary

Connecticut Spa & Pool Association

P. O. Box 473, Norwalk, CT 06854

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