Skateboard Ramps Go Portable

Kids in Downey, Calif., are getting some exercise and having fun skateboarding--without the city having to build and maintain a permanent skateboarding facility.

This skateboard ramp from Freshpark folds up for easy storage and portability.

Earlier this year, Los Angeles area car dealership Honda World Downey and ASPIRE, an after-school program

jointly operated by the city of Downey, purchased a portable skateboard system from Freshpark.

Honda World and ASPIRE each chipped in $2,500 for a Park on A Cart System. The system of ramps and obstacles for skateboarders and bicycle riders is portable--it can be easily packed up and transported by one or two people and broken down to fit inside a bag.

Freshpark sells its equipment to civic groups, YMCAs and military bases around the world.

City officials in Downey plan to use the ramps to encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Children will be able to enjoy the skateboard equipment at after-school programs and city events.

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