Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

It's winter, and that means that someone has to shovel those sidewalks when it snows.

Be safe when you shovel snow this winter.

If that someone is you, follow these wise safety tips from

Wear breathable layers:

The Snow and Ice Management Association suggests wearing layers of loose clothing so layers can be peeled off. Avoid wearing heavy wools, manmade materials or other materials that don’t allow perspiration to evaporate.

Wear good shoes or boots:

SIMA suggests wearing quality outdoor winter wear such as waterproof boots with good traction. Good traction is critical to ensuring that you don't slip and fall.

Loosen up: Take a few minutes to stretch. Shoveling snow is a workout so you need to stretch to warm up your muscles particularly because you are shoveling snow in the cold weather. Stretching before you start shoveling will help prevent injury and fatigue.

Push don't lift: If you push the snow to the side rather than trying to lift the snow to remove it, you exert less energy thereby placing less stress on your body, so push as much as possible within reason. If deeper snow is in need of removal, take it in layers.

Drink up: SIMA recommends taking frequent breaks and staying hydrated. You should drink water as if you were enduring a tough workout at the gym or jogging.

Utilize equipment: Whenever possible, utilize equipment that can remove more snow with less time/effort, to increase your efficiency and reduce the amount of labor needed.