Resolve To ТDoУ Your Goals

It’s a new year, so here we go!

Don't just make a resolution; take action to reach your goals.

1. “I am going mentor a young professional.” I remember (way back) in grade school how I hunched over my desk and curled my arm around the test paper so that no one could copy my answers. Although that was effective in dealing with “Johnny Cheater,” it established a precedent that my work is mine, and no one else’s. Well, that attitude needs to stop for the sake of the profession. It is time to reach out and teach those eager to learn, whether they are still in school, with a competing firm, or the co-worker seated across the aisle from me.

2. “I’m going to mend a professional relationship.” Don’t we all have some of this to do? Is it time to cast aside the pride and make amends with that client or professional with whom we have a strained relationship? When I have done this in the past, that person has been, more times than not, very receptive to the idea and we’ve gone on to do many successful projects together.

3. “I’m going to improve my delegation skills.” No longer can I afford (or my clients for that matter) to think if I want it done right, I have to do it (all) myself. Wow! A conceited attitude like that will most likely be more counterproductive than anything. Delegate that project, that task. Let them learn, make a (correctable) mistake, gain self-confidence. Besides, it will free up time for you to do other work on your other goals for the new year.

So it is with any new year--proclaiming resolutions has long been a common occurrence when amongst friends and colleagues. There is a difference between a resolution and a goal, though: I do goals.

And what I’ve done this year is set those three goals that ought to help my professional worth, and improve personal growth as well.

I realize when my company leadership reads this post, they rightfully will ask about my goals that “develop new business” and “increase sales.”

With each goal there will be positive residuals--some will be predictable and others unforeseen. If successful in achieving my goals for this year, I then can look forward to a growth year in many ways--including new business and increased sales.

All right, I admit to having a fourth goal this year. Because it might have very little to do with company gain, I keep it separated from the others and put an asterisk next to it, but it remains a worthy goal nonetheless:

4. “I am going to learn a new software or two this year.” Surely I’m not the only one who feels I’ve been leap-frogged by technology...please tell me so! As much as I love the hand sketching and hand rendering, those blasted, baffling “Sketchup” and “Photoshop” programs must be conquered. No more “old school” jokes are to be directed at this guy, nosiree.

Now, who wants to mentor me? I will tell y’all up front, if no one steps up to teach, unorthodox skills will develop in a way similar to my self-taught CAD layer management logic, and that will be a headache for those I mentor, mend, and delegate to in the coming year.

This is the first weekend of 2013. Have you set or revisited any goals? Take a minute to jot a few down and then file them such that they remind you to “get after it” throughout the year.

A New Year--let’s do good and make some money!

Tim May is a professional landscape architect and LEED AP for TNP in Forth Worth, Texas. He can be reached via email at or by twitter at @TMay82