Happy New Year!

Publisher’s Note

In a few short days, I’ll be skiing down to the base lodge at Holiday Valley in western New York to watch fireworks fill the sky as the calendar turns to 2013. It’s one of my favorite times of the year--a night full of promise and hope--and a welcome respite from the rigors of work and parenting.

I love watching the fireworks flash in the eyes of my five-year-old twins. I love watching the older kids ski down the hill in the dark holding a lit flare—I mean where else would I let my teenagers play with highway flares? But somehow, on this night, it seems all right.

And, I love knowing that we’re well into another year of publishing PRB (Parks & Rec Business) magazine. By the time I come back from holiday, our February issue will be going to press and our March issue will be well along in the process. Just another year of reporting, writing and sharing stories. I can’t wait.

And, I can’t wait to see how you like this month’s offering. Inside you’ll find lots of ideas that you can turn into agenda items for the New Year: Creating exceptional customer service by simply being friendly, designing that new rec facility to reclaim heat AND generate revenue, finally put in that multi-use sports field (and give your natural turf fields a rest), or steal ideas for a new dog park—one that rivals what the folks in Milwaukee did at their showcase facility in Granville Park.

Of course, we’ve got our usual columnists who work to provide insight and laughter and, occasionally, talk about things related to the industry.

In the end, the issue came together rather nicely—which is just how we like to start the New Year.

'Til next month….

Rodney J. Auth