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Hollywood Aquatic Center

Hollywood Aquatic Center

Submitted by Aquatic Design Group

City, State: Las Vegas, Nev.

Cost of Project: $14 million

Type of Facility: Public Recreational and Competitive Aquatic Center

Architectural Firm: Domingo Cambeiro Corporation (DCC) Architects

Aquatic Architect: Aquatic Design Group

Status: Spring 2012

Square Footage: 7,300

Number of Floors: 1

Developed as the county’s second aquatic center, the facility was designed to provide residents a fun and relaxing environment. A huge emphasis was placed on swim instruction programming and competitive swim instruction as well as environmental conservation.

Features include a glass-enclosed, 10-lane competition pool with an instructional pool and party room. An outdoor activity pool features two water slides, a beach-style entry, a lazy river, and interactive water play equipment. The center was also built with the environment in mind using recycled materials.

Las Cruces Regional Aquatic Center

Las Cruces Regional Aquatic Center

Submitted by Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture

City, State: Las Cruces, N.M.

Cost of Project: $11 million (Phase 1A)

Type of Facility: Recreation and Aquatic Center

Architectural Firm: Barker Rinker Seacat in association with Steve Newby Architects

Status: Phase 1 completed in 2010; Phases 1B and 2 pending funding

Square Footage: 35,000

Number of Floors: 2

Phase 1 of this facility included the lobby, leisure pool, lockers, and core and shell for a fitness center. The tenant subsequently outfitted the fitness center, which is now fully functional. A two-story gallery space anchors the building and is the signature form for the center. Central gathering and circulation space organizes the building and frames spectacular views of adjacent parks and distant mountains while providing convenient access to the building’s numerous functions.

Phase 1B will see the build-out of the gymnasium and community meeting rooms, while construction of a competitive lap pool Phase 2 will round out the aquatic venue. The design brings a contemporary interpretation to New Mexico’s rich architectural vernacular. The project is seeking LEED certification.

Ganesha Park

Ganesha Park

Submitted by BCI Burke

City, State: Pomona, Calif.

Type of Facility: Park

Architectural Firm: Michael Evans Associates

Status: Completed August 2012

Square Footage: 10,000

Sun Country Systems began the design stage with the city for the project more than 2 years ago. The city was determined to create an all-inclusive playground packed with tons of activities. It was important to them to utilize tons of climbers so the playground equipment had several entry and exit points so all children would be able to interact. Not only did they want an ADAAG ramped system, but they wanted ramps to connect to create a triangular ramp to provide route choices. They wanted a fun, challenging playground and a place for all children to use their imagination and to be able to experience the joy of playing on playground equipment.

Oregon State University—Whyte Track & Field Center

Oregon State University—Whyte Track & Field Center

Submitted by Beynon Sports

City, State: Corvallis, Ore.

Cost of Project: $7.5 million

Type of Facility: Sports Track

Architectural Firm: DLR Group

Status: Completed August 2012

Square Yardage: 10,972

Nine-lane BSS 2000 all-weather, full-pour polyurethane running track with field event areas. BSS 200 is the same surface that the last two U.S. Olympic trials have been completed on.

Wings & Waves Waterpark

Wings & Waves Waterpark

Submitted by Counsilman-Hunsaker

City, State: McMinnville, Ore.

Type of Facility: Waterpark

Architectural Firm: Group Mackenzie

Project Aquatic Designer: Counsilman-Hunsaker

Status: Completed June 2011

Square Footage: 71,000

Inspired by the Evergreen Air and Space Museums that are located on the campus, Wings & Waves Waterpark is the first of its kind to incorporate an indoor waterpark into an existing children’s “power of water” museum. The aviation and space water-themed venue features nearly 70,000 square feet of educational fun. The pinnacle of the facility is a massive Boeing 747-100 aircraft that has permanently landed on top of the building. Among attractions such as an indoor wave pool, leisure pool with spa, and a tot splash pad, guests find created to-scale-models of the Discovery Space Shuttle with a waterslide in its base, a miniature Messerschmitt Bf-109 and North American P-51World War II fighter aircraft waterslides, and a helicopter that dumps a large bucket of water onto a Pacific Northwest wildfire.

Enchanted Forest Play Structure

Enchanted Forest Play Structure

Submitted by Cre8Play

City, State: El Paso, Texas

Type of Facility: Hospital

Architectural Firm: Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz (KMD) Architects

Status: Completed

Square Footage: 1,000 indoors; 1,000 outdoors

Number of Floors: 1

The El Paso Children’s Hospital and KMD architects challenged playground designer and builder Cre8Play to make their most immersive and captivating play environment to date. What they came up with gives a whole new meaning to the word playground. It’s as though Cre8Play took the traditional playground, flipped it upside down and turned it inside out. More than just a structure to play on, the Enchanted Forest transports kids into an alternate universe where light changes from sunrise to nighttime complete with twinkling stars and the sounds of the forest.

From chirping birds in the morning, to crickets and howls in the evening, this play environment has it all. Play continues onto the outside where kids discover the hobbits’ secret homes in a village that lies on the edge of the forest. Secret crawl spaces complete the custom immersive playground.

Illinois State University—Student Fitness Center and McCormick Hall

Illinois State University—Student Fitness Center and McCormick Hall

Submitted by Dewberry

City, State: Normal, Ill.

Cost of Project: $43 million

Type of Facility: Campus Recreation Center

Architectural Firm/Lead Architect: Dewberry

Status: Completed in 2011

Square Footage: 176,890

Number of Floors: 3

This facility not only meets the fitness and recreation needs of the student population, but provides an associated academic venue for its nationally recognized and growing School of Kinesiology and Recreation. The combination of these two functions into one building allows capital costs for one to be leveraged to the benefit of the other through shared spaces or close proximity.

The 133,440-square-foot area dedicated to the student recreation center includes a three-story climbing wall, lap pool/whirlpool/spa and space for aerobics/spinning/dance, weight training/fitness, racquetball/wallyball courts, jogging track, gymnasium and MAC courts, lockers, food-service/lounge areas and administrative support areas for recreation staff.

The 43,450-square-foot School of Kinesiology has an instructional area with classrooms, seminar rooms, anatomy computer lab and teaching analysis lab. Laboratory spaces accommodate bio-mechanics research, athletics training clinical instruction, psychology of sport and physical activity, exercise physiology. An instructional gymnasium is also included along with administrative support/faculty office areas.

Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area

Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area

Submitted by Easi-Set Worldwide

City, State: Gorman, Calif.

Cost of Project: $43,000

Type of Facility: Two Easi-Set “Carson” precast concrete restroom facilities

Engineering Firm: Civiltec Engineering, Inc.

Status: Completed June 2012

Square footage: 181.25 (each)

ADA-compliant dry-vault restroom facilities built by StructureCast of Bakersfield, Calif., an Easi-Set Worldwide licensed building producer, for the California State Park & Recreation Department. The Carson Double Dry Model is a double vault restroom building ideal for remote locations. Measuring 12 feet 6 inches by 14 feet 6 inches, this model comes standard with stainless-steel fixtures and the FAN (fresh air naturally) ventilation technology, which uses the wind and sun to vent the restroom’s air. The design team used a wide variety of aesthetic choices, enabling it to easily blend with the natural surroundings.

W. John Gallivan Plaza Ice Rink And Support Facility

W. John Gallivan Plaza Ice Rink And Support Facility

Submitted by EDA Architects

City, State: Salt Lake City, Utah

Cost of Project: $5 million

Type of Facility: Parks and Entertainment

Architectural Firm: EDA Architects

Status: July 2011

Square Footage: 10,000

Number of Floors: 2

Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, this unique state-of-the-art events venue supports ongoing programming opportunities and events. The thinking behind the design of this facility was to maximize flexibility of spaces, minimize the impact of the building on the plaza and maintain the connection between.

The facility is registered to receive LEED Silver Certification and it features many sustainable materials and design features. Among others, it features a “green” roof consisting of drought-tolerant sedums, native grasses and wildflowers, which significantly reduces the urban heat island effect associated with buildings. Bamboo, a rapidly renewable material, is extensively used throughout the building in casework, wall paneling and flooring.

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve—Boulder Island

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve—Boulder Island

Submitted by Everlast Climbing

City, State: Santee, Calif.

Cost of Project: $115,000 (including a $23,000 grant)

Type of Facility: Nature Play Area

Architectural Firm: Neri Landscape Architects

Status: Completed Summer 2012

Square Footage: 4,313

Part of a large renovation project to remove invasive species and replace with native plants and trees, Boulder Island is a publicly accessible playground for all ages. It provides trails, interpretive signage, benches, and four large climbing boulders for eager climbers.

Connected to a larger island with a floating trail, the perimeter pathways are dotted with interpretive signage while the benches beckon onlookers to sit and relax and watch climbers tackle the oversized boulders. Fencing protects habitats from curious playground visitors.

River Legacy Park

River Legacy Park

Submitted by Gametime

City, State: Arlington, Texas

Type of Facility: Park/Playground

Architectural Firm: DFL Group, LLC and Landscape Alliance

Status: Completed August 2012

Square Footage: Approx. 6,800 to 7,000

Imagined by John Fain (DFL Group) and Gary Kutilek (Landscape Alliance), this project extends play beyond the playground, integrates the indigenous elements of the park and reconnects children and families with nature. The centerpiece of the playscape is a series of enclosed, non-climbable nets that bridge the play structure to surrounding natural elements and give children the feeling of climbing among trees. Custom-designed play structures, including a giant tree with themed slides and ladders and custom rock and vine climbers complement the natural landscape of the park.

Stafford Drive Park

Stafford Drive Park

Submitted by Gordon

City, State: Fairfax City, Va.

Cost of Project: $2 million

Type of Facility: Community Park

Architectural Firm: Gordon Landscape Architecture

Status: Completed 2008

Features include a restroom, boundless playground, parking, bio-retention garden, trails, and a full-size multi-purpose synthetic turf field.

Brentwood City Park

Brentwood City Park

Submitted by LPA, Inc.

City, State: Brentwood, Calif.

Cost of Project: $1.4 million

Type of Facility: City Park

Architectural Firm: LPA, Inc.

Status: Completed

The city park offers an integral connection between the downtown Brentwood area and the new civic center. A history walk meanders through the park highlighting the local narrative. The redeveloped 1.6-acre park features an event plaza, picnic area, children’s garden, playground, water play area, and a rose garden. Sustainable site measures include bio-swales, vine screen, pervious paving, green roof, and underground detention and infiltration planters for water-quality management.

Dolores Park with Helen Diller Playground

Dolores Park with Helen Diller Playground

Submitted by PlayCore

City, State: San Francisco, Calif.

Cost of Project: $3 million

Type of Facility: City Park and Playground

Architectural Firm: Koch Landscape Architecture with TotTurf/Robertson Recreational Surfacing, A PlayCore Company

Status: Completed

Square Footage: playground 1 acre; park size 13.5 acres

Nestled in the fabled hills of the San Francisco cityscape is Dolores Park with the new Helen Diller Playground. Facility highlights include a destination playground park with custom designed sculptural play elements, vibrantly colorful cushioned TotTurf surfacing creating slopes and climbing elements for added play value, nautical-themed play areas; a hillside featuring a 40-foot-long custom curving super slide, staircases, a telescope to see the city skyline, seating, natural boulders; an isolated mound featuring a 6-foot-wide slide, a small amphitheater, and climbing elements; a 60-foot-long pedestrian bridge that spans between a hillside and the top of a mound to enable access for people using assistive devices; a terraced grassy hillside for sunbathing, dog walking, and kite flying; planting areas brimming with hardy plant species.

Alpine Amphitheater

Alpine Amphitheater

Submitted by Poligon

City, State: Sherman, Texas

Status: Completed

Square Footage: 73 feet by 32 feet

One of Poligon’s new amphitheater designs, a clerestory half hexagon, can be found in Sherman Texas. It is 73 feet by 32 feet with column surrounds provided by others. The frame is powder coated in poli-5000 powder coat. The tongue-and-groove roof complements the frame color and custom lighting has been added to fit the needs of the facility.

Temescal Valley; Deleo Regional Sports Park

Temescal Valley; Deleo Regional Sports Park

Submitted by Public Restroom Company

City, State: Riverside County, Calif.

Cost of Project: $800,000

Type of Facility: Concession, Multi-Purpose Facility, Multi-User Restroom (separate building)

Architectural Firm: Public Restroom Company

Status: Completed December 2011

Square Footage: Concession/Multi-Purpose—1,420; Restroom—698

The concession/multi-purpose facility includes a garage, storage, and concession pantry. The multi-user restroom can accommodate up to 540 users per hour and include an ADA drinking fountain. Installed in a 25-acre park.

Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park

Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park

Submitted by Sun Ports

City, State: Lewisville, Texas

Cost of Project: $700,000

Type of Facility: Multi-Use Sports Park

Design/Build Firm: Sun Ports

Architectural Firms: Dunkin Sims Stoffels

Custom Bleacher Structure Architect: Magee Architects L.P.

Status: Completed

Square Footage: 274-acre facility

The 274-acre Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park features numerous fabric shade structures provided by Sun Ports. Each sporting area has its own identifiable color; the soccer fields have green structures, the football fields have blue and so on. Wrap-arounds were incorporated for baseball dug outs, cantilevers for the skate parks, hip structures for the soccer and football fields and a custom structure for the championship field. The park is expected to draw between 500,000 and 1 million visitors annually for youth leagues, sports tournaments, special events, and recreational use.

Muensterberg Plaza and Clock Tower

Muensterberg Plaza and Clock Tower

Submitted by Waterplay Solutions

City, State: Berne, Ind.

Cost of Project: $3.5 million

Type of Facility: Community Plaza

Architectural Firm: Prince Alexander Architects Inc.

Status: Completed

Square Footage: 2.5 acres

Waterplay Solutions lights up Muensterberg Plaza with a truly multi-functional play space. Designed to serve as a communal gathering place for events and functions, the focal point for families is the aquatic play pad featuring an exciting and splashy assortment of ground sprays complete with integrated LED lights. Fun continues when the sun goes down and this play pad is transformed into a stunning fountain show, making it an ideal place for all ages to enjoy.

Features include an aquatic play pad, ground sprays, and luminary sprays.

Andy Romano Beachfront Park

Andy Romano Beachfront Park

Submitted by Zev Cohen & Associates

City, State: Ormond Beach, Fla.

Cost of Project: $2.7 million

Type of Facility: Public Beachfront Park

Architectural Firm: Zev Cohen & Associates

Status: Under Construction; Completion January 2013

Square Footage: 4.5-acre park

The park design captures, enhances, and preserves the features of the beach through the incorporation of lookout platforms, pavilions, and dune restoration areas. ZCA incorporated a splash park, playground, ADA-accessible beach access and picnic areas creating a variety of program opportunities for all ages.

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