Cre8Play On American Choppers

Tune in tonight (Monday, Nov. 5) at 8 p.m. CST to American Choppers on the Discovery Channel to see the "big unveil" of the playground collaboration between Paul Jr. Designs and Cre8Play.

The motorcycle-themed playground at the NRPA Expo.

At the NRPA Expo in Anaheim, Calif., earlier this fall, exhibitors and  attendees were revving their engines for the "big unveil," but it wasn’t clear what exactly would be uncoverd.

Typically at an American Choppers "unveil," a motorcycle is hidden under a tarp. However, in this case, the bikes were in plain view and a large structure was covered by 60-foot diameter parachutes.

After much anticipation, a custom motorcycle-themed playground was revealed to all. The playground incorporates elements from American Choppers' most popular bikes, including Black Widow, Anti Venom, and the Build-Off bike.

Paul Jr. takes a turn on the slide.

Cre8Play owner and "Design Guy" Todd Lehman initially contacted Paul Jr. to build a bike that would match the theme of one of Cre8Play’s custom playgrounds. Paul Jr. Designs was ready to collaborate with Cre8Play, but completely flipped the project--they asked Cre8Play to build a playground for Paul Jr. Designs.

NRPA exhibitors and attendees were the first to see the finished playground, and the entire unveil was filmed for the Discovery Channel. Paul Jr. and his wife, Rachael, stayed at the show to sign autographs and take photos with attendees.

"We are very excited to be working with Cre8Play, one of the most innovative custom playground designers in the country," Paul Jr. said.

"The designs Todd and his team at Cre8Play come up with are raw and completely unique. They shatter the predictable playground mold."