Know Your Snow And Ice Liability

The Snowfighters Institute will hold its first liability and deicing forum at its training facility in Erie, Pa., Oct. 1-4.

Liability issues and their direct correlation to appropriate use of deicing materials make this a natural session for snow and ice management contractors to learn about both major challenges to the industry.

“The snow and ice management industry is multifaceted in its approach to ongoing winter challenges," said Snowfighters Institute Chairman John Allin .

"Appropriate use of available products for properly addressing ice conditions on commercial and industrial sites is key to keeping liability issues in check for snow contractors.

"No longer are snow contractors just guys who plow snow. They are risk managers providing safe environments for vehicular and pedestrian traffic on customer sites.

"Understanding how deicers work and the resulting liability issues is key to the snow contractor’s ultimate success with their customers and clients.”

Attendees will learn how to use the latest technology and products to keep sites safe and free of potential liability issues that can arise from not knowing what to use, and when.

For those working on the Certified Snow Professional [CSP] designation by the Snow and Ice Management Association [SIMA], Continuing Educational Units [CEU’s] will be awarded.