PRB Writers Wanted

Parks & Rec Business magazine is always on the lookout for innovative, cutting-edge ideas that we can share with our readers.

Whether you have contributed an article in the past, or are just considering the idea, we want to hear from you.

Click here to view our 2013 editorial calendar. Feel free to look it over to see where your story idea might work.

In addition to a constant demand for programming ideas, we are also receiving numerous requests for marketing ideas for parks and recreation departments.

Don't see the perfect fit? There are thousands of ideas that might not fit exactly into a certain category, but we're always willing to consider them. Remember, the editorial calendar is supposed to help generate ideas--not confine us to them.

Send an email to editor Christine Schaffran at or call her at 866-444-4216 - Toll Free/330-721-9126 - Direct.

Please Note:

Vendors, advertisers and potential advertisers do not qualify for this offer. For advertising information, contact sales representative Rodney Auth at: